March is a busy month, teaching at schools, writing, translating and publishing…

March is a busy month, I helped to judge the Etobicoke Team Regional contest for Poetry In Voice. I visited two schools for haiku workshops. I continue writing and translating poetry. I have received some good news and got new poems/translations accepted. I am now reading the Tanka anthology from England! Thanks the editors for including mine and mailing it to Canada. It took two months. It is very beautiful and had many fine tankas with a great introduction. I seldom write tanka, now I want to write more! #tanka I think today some students’ work are tanka😀😀😀😀

Of course I want to thank The League of Canadian Poets and Poetry In Voice for their support! #Teachers #schools #poetryinschool #poetinclass

Poet in School at one of Mississauga’s schools
Anna’s Tanka in the book
Anna’s <取舍之间的释然>
Anna’s Poem/translation
at one of Regional Contest