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Upcoming events:

Poets In Class, Poets in Schools, Virtual Class Visit


July 11, 2024: Poetry alive at school, Toronto ( in-person) 

Sept 22, 2024: Reading at Library (Toronto) 


Mar 1, 2024, Poetry Judge (PIV)

Mar 3, 2024: Poly-Translation: from art to poetry to film, a free zoom meeting 

April 24, 2024: two poetry alive workshops at Clifford International School (Guangzhou, China, in person)

April 23, 2024: Jinan University (Guangzhou, China) 暨南大学诗歌分享活动

May, 2024: Three poetry readings in NanJing, China (三个诗艺汇流分享活动在南京举行)

May, 2024: More poetry readings in Suzhou Hangzhou, China (三个诗艺汇流分享活动在苏州和杭州举行)

June, 2024: Spontaneous Writing in airport with another Chinese poet (机场对诗以及其他诗歌分享活动)


Jan 11, 2023: Anti-racism poems sharing for a Chinese group 
Mar 2, 2023: Poetry recital contest judge
April 22, 2023: Haiku workshop at UUCM (Mississauga, in person)
April 12/26 : Haiku workshop for Mississauga library (online & in person)
April 26, 2023: Poetry for Health and Harmony at Churchill Meadow (in person, with music)
April 28, 2023: Poetry presenting at Aurora Exhibition at U of T (Mississauga) 

June 11, 2023: Haiku workshop at Art Gallery of Mississauga (2:30-4pm) (in person)
June 17, 2023: Poetry Reading and book signing at Mitchell, Ontario
June 27, 2023: Online Poetry and Art at Art Gallery of Mississauga (11am)
July 13,2023:Poetry, Painting and Public Art (Zoom Meeting) with Armand Garnet Ruffo and Anna Yin 

Oct 13/14, 2023: CD release concerts of James Rolfe’s WOUND TURNED TO LIGHT /reading my poem (7:30pm at Heliconian Hall in Toronto)

Oct 23, 2023: Art Bar Poetry Reading series

Nov 23, 2023: Online Reading for Hologram: an Homage to P.K.Page

—————2022 events
Jan 8, 2022: East Meets West: Poets and Arts- 诗人与艺术趣谈 (Anna Yin, William Marr and MiJia Yan)


Jan 22, 2022: Mirrors and Windows USA poets (Joseph Fasano, Lois P. Jones, Rebecca Foust) reading with George Elliott Clarke and Anna Yin
Mar 19, 2022: Through Mirrors and Windows, What Can Poetry Tell Us? (at Toronto Public Library Chinese Book Club) online
Mar 23, 2022: Poetry Reading at Mark Everett Poetry Series (The University of Oklahoma, USA) Apr 6, 2022:  Author Talk 7-8pm online (Mississauga Public Library -online)
Apr 6, 2022: George Elliott Clarke Presents Poets break into song at Aurora public Library
Apr 7, 2022: Haiku workshop for Vancouver Public Library (online)
Apr 19, 2022: Poem in Your Pocket reading for Atwater Poetry (Zoom meeting)
Apr 21, 2022: The Spirit of Poetry Across Ontario Readings by Poets Laureate across Ontario
May 5, 2022:  Guest Speaker: My Journey–From a software engineer to poet laureate (US and China)
May 18, 2022: Guest Speaker (我的口音,我的心声-移民故事分享)
May 19, 2022: MARTYs Award at the Mississauga Convention Centre.
June 25-Oct 6: Haiku Walking Tours and Online Workshops-MAC’s Microgrant project
Aug 8: Poetry for Hunger project reading (2:00pm)
Aug 21: in-person Hamilton Guernica Bash!
Sept 24, 2022: Poetry reading for IN BETWEEN THE LINES: International Show of ‘Art and Poetry’
Sept 30, 2022: Here and Now, Discover Mississauga and More ebook releasing
Oct 18, 2022: 10th Anniversary Edition Poetry at the Manor in Windsor 
Nov 12, 2022:  Poetic Drama discussion event with Zhoujun, guest speakers and Anna Yin reading part of her English translation of the drama
Dec 9, 2022: Poets and Painters-Arts in Translation with Armand Garnet Ruffo, Yan Li and Anna Yin
2021 past events
Jan 11: Online video to share poetry and life journey to help others finding their passion and fulfil their dream (asked by The Flowering Mind Summit Founder)
Feb 3: Virtual Class Visit at Bowmore Road Jr & Sr. P.S
Feb 6: Talking about “Mirrors and Windows” (Guernica Editions, 2021) that aims East and West exchange projects
March 6, 3:00pm Anna Yin’s haiku workshop at The East and West Learning Club 
March 20, 3:00pm Anna Yin’s poetry editing workshop at The East and West Learning Club.
March 22: This is My Saga: from Software Engineer to Poet Laureate (English Department, Jahangirnagar University)
In April: three Virtual Class Visits at three schools for Poetry Alive workshops
May 14: George Elliott Clarke Presents:5 Poets Breaking Into Song (with Ayesha Chatterjee, Giovanna Riccio, Lisa Richter, Andrea, Anna Yin)
May 20: Demo how to do haiku workshop at Haiku Canada conference
July 17, East Meets West – On Poetry Translation  with Anna Yin at 湖畔学院 (HuPan School) 
August,2021:Contest judge for 2021 Brooklin Poetry Society’s 4th Annual Poetry Contest
Sept 16, 2021: Celebrate the Moon Festival with Your Own Haiku – 這個中秋淺吟俳句
Sept 30, 2021: An Evening with Anna Yin: Mirrors and Windows, reading and interview at Aurora Library 
Oct 7: East Meets West: Mirrors and Windows reading (Thursday 1-2pm)
at World Poetry Café on CFRO 100.5FM (thanks host Dr. Sawer) 
Oct 29: East Meets West: Mirrors and Windows, online reading with Allan Briesmaster, Kate Marshall Flaherty, Richard Greene, katerilanthier katerilanthier
Nov 9: Mirrors and Windows book launch reading at Art Bar Poetry Series
2020 Major Events
2020, Nov 7: Virtual Class Visit  at Francis Libermann school (Toronto)  
 2020, Sept-Oct: Poetry In Translation/East Meets West series (4+1)
 2020, Sept 22: The Art Bar Poetry Reading series, Anna Yin & Frances Boyle.
2020, Aug 2, Anna Yin sharing poetry and publishing tips
2020 April 21, 2 Online workshops for Annette Street Public Library, Corpus Christi School (Mississauga) and Francis Libermann school (Toronto, revisiting)
2019 Events:  
       Poetry Alive workshop list
      Poetry Slam judge ( May 16 at St Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School
      Poetry Readings ( On May 18, May 26, July 8 ,  Nov 9…)
      2019, Oct 17, Poets Laureate reading at Mississauga Library’s Glass Pavilion
      2019 Oct 16 :  at Mattamy Theatre-Poets Laureate on Social Justice (Milton Ontario) 
      2019 Sept 29:  poetry perform at a Chinese Poetry festival in Toronto
 2019, Oct 23, night reading at Aurora Public Library–Poets Laureate on Social Justice /  noon at  Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library 
 Events in the past (2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 …  )

Anna Yin’s Poet Laureate Journey (highlights from 2004 to 2015)