Poems from English to Chinese

02, 2017: translations of Dana Gioia’s three poems on Poetry East West in China
07, 2016: In The Attic by Sir Andrew Motion and my translation on lovingsister site
Mar, 2016: my translation and Kateri Lanthier’s poem “Guanyin Lamp” on PoetrySky 43nd issue
03,2015: one translation on Room Magazine #38.1
02,2015 :five translation works on PoetrySky #40 (Molly Peacock, 肖今,古月)
12,2014: three more translations on Poetrysky (George Elliott Clarke’s poems , Joe Rosenblatt’s poem and Li Shaojun’s)
10,2014: Two more translations on Poetrysky (Lois P. Jones   / A.F. Moritz )
07, 2014: 星子安娜翻译的加拿大总督文学奖获奖诗人理查德•格林 (Richard Greene)的两首诗歌
04,2014 Translation of Susan McMaster’s Bitter Bread in The World Poets Quarterly #74
01,2014: 爱丽丝•梅捷 (Alice Major)的诗《给失恋者的忠告》(星子安娜翻译)
12,2013  Translations of Kate Marshall’s Silver Bridge /Richard Greene’s The Season on Poetry Sky
12,2013  Translations of John.Lee.Bee, Catherine Graham, George Elliott Clarke on Singapore site
11,2013: Patricia Kathleen Page特丽夏- 凯瑟琳-佩奇的诗《孤旅者》(星子安娜翻译)
10,2013 翻译三位总督文学获奖诗人:P.K. Page,Milton Acorn 和Richard Greene作品刊登在影响力中国
10.2013 Bruce Meyer’s poem and my translation on Poetry Sky
02,2012: Richard Greene’s Window with my Chinese translation on IVY Poetry #14
Three newly published translation works in 2009 (John.Lee.Bee, Catherine Graham, Laura Lush)
Translation of Mark Clemen’s Poem: The Moth
Translation of Gerry Mattia’s Poem:  LIFE (Published in “North American Maple” in 2006)
Translation of Don Schaeffer’ Poems : (Published in “Aust Cai Hong Ying” Magazine in 2007
Translation of Patrick Meade’ Poems (accepted publishing in “Aust Cai Hong Ying” Magazine 14th issue)
Translation of Catherine Graham’s Poems (Published in “Poetry Galaxy” in 2008)
Translation of John.B.Lee’s “The Bare Morning” (published in “Poetry Galaxy” in 2008)
Lotus by L.D. Knowlton
Poems by Elka Ruth Enola
and more . . .

Poems from Chinese to English

Translation of 蔡利华, 何均, 李加建, 小窗,和平岛,沈河,高粱等诗人作品  (posted on )
Translation of Shan Chen Zi’s Poem (pulished in Poetry Calaxy)
Great Wall & other poems (published in )
many more posted on or in “Farewell To Sunflowers”…

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