Spontaneous Writing in airport with another Chinese poet (机场对诗以及其他诗歌分享活动)

On June 12, 2024, while my flight was delayed, I suggested Mr. Chen (a Chinese poet) who was waiting to pick me up at the other airport to write poems for each other. We were glad that we wrote ten fine poems. Here is the link for these poems in Chinese. (机场对诗)

Here are two more poetry events in June, 2024 in China. One in Xiangtan, Hunan, the one in Quanzhou, Fujian, China (以下是 2024 年 6 月在中国举办的另外两场诗歌活动。一个在湖南湘潭,另一个在福建泉州)

Photos and Reports from NanJing,China in May 2024, Thank you all for your supports!



阅江论坛|第41期讲座 信大人文艺术 漂亮人生,诗意交融

Three poetry readings in May in Nanjing, China

I will have two poetry readings in universities in Nanjing, China. One private poetry reading in Professor Wang’s place. Two more poetry readings in Hangzhou, China.
So glad to see new and old friends in China. Thanks.

NanJing University Anna’s Poetry event(May 19, 2024)

漂亮人生,诗意交融 &元宇宙与数字文化遗产
主讲人:星子安娜  潘志庚

诗歌分享和讲座中也会谈到科学和艺术的融合,会举例 “In Slow Time/缓慢诗光”, “Planet Earth Guernica” (《未知之域》)以及 《漂》和《爱的灯塔》里的几首。