One in Suzhou, two in Hangzhou, China in May 2024

Thank our former national poet laureate George Elliott Clarke introducing me to Qi Liang, a fine translator and professor in Suzhou, China. Qi Liang arranged my visit in his university to give a poetry reading on May 22, 2024. We had a great event!

Thank poets: ZhouJun, Wang ZhiLiang and many other poets in Hangzhou to make Anna Yin’s poetry sharing event success! More photos, please click the following…
星子安娜诗歌分享会 活动嘉宾:梁晓明、王自亮、刘翔、蔡利华、陆陆、徐静、肖今
主持人:周珺 主办:浙江大学文学院、浙江工商大学金收获写作中心、晓风·明远书院

Thank Zhejiang Literary Center for hosting my poetry reading and sharing event! .
5月25日下午,由浙江文学馆主办、《青年文学家》浙江·杭州作家理事会协办的加拿大著名诗人星子安娜(Anna Yin)“漂洋过海,诗译汇流”文学讲座,在浙江文学馆4楼智慧大讲堂举行。


My ninth book has been published by SureWay Press in Feb 2024. It includes over 70 poems along with several proses that share my experiences and thoughts throughout my life journey. The Chinese title 漂 has multiple means: “drifting”. This book is a gift to all of us who have been on the journey and will be… Thank you all!
我的第九本书由Sureway Press 出版了,是中文诗集“漂”。它将随我“漂”向新的旅程。诗友们,让我们一起“漂”亮人生,“漂”亮旅程。