Spontaneous Writing in airport with another Chinese poet (机场对诗以及其他诗歌分享活动)

On June 12, 2024, while my flight was delayed, I suggested Mr. Chen (a Chinese poet) who was waiting to pick me up at the other airport to write poems for each other. We were glad that we wrote ten fine poems. Here is the link for these poems in Chinese. (机场对诗)

Here are two more poetry events in June, 2024 in China. One in Xiangtan, Hunan, the one in Quanzhou, Fujian, China (以下是 2024 年 6 月在中国举办的另外两场诗歌活动。一个在湖南湘潭,另一个在福建泉州)

One in Suzhou, two in Hangzhou, China in May 2024

Thank our former national poet laureate George Elliott Clarke introducing me to Qi Liang, a fine translator and professor in Suzhou, China. Qi Liang arranged my visit in his university to give a poetry reading on May 22, 2024. We had a great event!

Thank poets: ZhouJun, Wang ZhiLiang and many other poets in Hangzhou to make Anna Yin’s poetry sharing event success! More photos, please click the following…
星子安娜诗歌分享会 活动嘉宾:梁晓明、王自亮、刘翔、蔡利华、陆陆、徐静、肖今
主持人:周珺 主办:浙江大学文学院、浙江工商大学金收获写作中心、晓风·明远书院

Thank Zhejiang Literary Center for hosting my poetry reading and sharing event! .
5月25日下午,由浙江文学馆主办、《青年文学家》浙江·杭州作家理事会协办的加拿大著名诗人星子安娜(Anna Yin)“漂洋过海,诗译汇流”文学讲座,在浙江文学馆4楼智慧大讲堂举行。

Photos and Reports from NanJing,China in May 2024, Thank you all for your supports!



阅江论坛|第41期讲座 信大人文艺术 漂亮人生,诗意交融

Three poetry readings in May in Nanjing, China

I will have two poetry readings in universities in Nanjing, China. One private poetry reading in Professor Wang’s place. Two more poetry readings in Hangzhou, China.
So glad to see new and old friends in China. Thanks.

NanJing University Anna’s Poetry event(May 19, 2024)

漂亮人生,诗意交融 &元宇宙与数字文化遗产
主讲人:星子安娜  潘志庚

诗歌分享和讲座中也会谈到科学和艺术的融合,会举例 “In Slow Time/缓慢诗光”, “Planet Earth Guernica” (《未知之域》)以及 《漂》和《爱的灯塔》里的几首。


Thank JiNan University (Guangzhou China) for inviting me to share my poetry and translations! Please check the news in Chinese and photos: 外国语学院师生党支部联合暨南大学图书馆举办诗歌赏析讲座

世华馆 世界华侨华人文献馆 2024-05-05 报道:在声音的飨宴中展开知音的诗性阐释与中西文化对话——加拿大华裔诗人星子安娜讲座回顾


My ninth book has been published by SureWay Press in Feb 2024. It includes over 70 poems along with several proses that share my experiences and thoughts throughout my life journey. The Chinese title 漂 has multiple means: “drifting”. This book is a gift to all of us who have been on the journey and will be… Thank you all!
我的第九本书由Sureway Press 出版了,是中文诗集“漂”。它将随我“漂”向新的旅程。诗友们,让我们一起“漂”亮人生,“漂”亮旅程。


What We Do Not Know by DC Reid, translated by me

Another book of translations by me will be published in Mar, 2024. The author of the book is DC Reid. DC is broadly known for extensive writing on in-ocean fish farms; neuroplasticity and extensive creativity mechanisms. He lives in Victoria, BC. I will introduce his work to broad Chinese communities. Recently, my translations of Reid’s poetry has been published in 新大陆诗刊 #200 in USA. Congratulations on Reid!

“Sunday Salon” poetry reading at the Laurier Art Gallery

Had a great time reading at a beautiful “Sunday Salon” poetry reading at the Laurier Art Gallery this afternoon with George Elliott Clarke, Giovanna Riccio, Ayesha Chatterjee, Antonia Facciponte, Keith Garebian, Richard Greene, Michael Fraser, Michael Mirolla, Al Moritz, Andrea Thompson, Elana Wolff. The wonderful paintings are by Mona Berga. Thank George and Giovanna for organizing this event, thank Ron to sponsor this. Cheers! More photos and videos will be posted later.

poetry and music at Art Bar Poetry reading on Oct 23

A night of poetry in the heart of Toronto at Art Bar. Glad to have Poetry and Music with Mark Harry and also read my new poems and showcase “Starlight Tapestry” by Don Gutteridge with Chinese Translation by me. Wonderful to see old and new friends and listen to the other featured poet: Kelly Rose Pflug Back and Open mic readings. Thanks Art Bar Poetry Series, the League of Canadian Poets and Canada Council for the Arts.

Congratulations on James Rolfe’s another masterpiece: Wound Turned to Light, CD launch

Congratulations to James Rolfe

The CD features 19 tracks (incl. 16 songs commissioned by George Elliott Clarke) by poets: Al Moritz, Andrea Tompson, Louise Bernice Halfe, Leonard Cohen, Choucri Paul Zemokhol, Boyd Warren Chubbs, Amatoritsero Ede, Luciano Iacobelli, Giovanna Riccio, Ayesha Chatterjee, Banoo Zan, Richard Sanger, Astrid Brunner (twice), Anna Yin, and GEC (twice). Produced by Redshift Records (TK540), the CD comes with a beautiful booklet, featuring liner notes, the poems-now-lyrics, bios, photos.

five poets at the concert (Heliconian club, Toronto)

Glad to finish “Awakening”, a poetry film, and it has been released on YouTube!!!

“Awakening”, a poetry film inspired by public art in Mississauga now has been released. The short film was produced and directed by me with my film crew members Sarah Hei and Roy Marques. The film covers more than 10 pieces of public art in Mississauga and reveals the city’s unique history and culture with beautiful natural scenes. This project won a 2023 Micro Matchmaker grant from Mississauga Arts Council and was supported by local art groups and businesses. Here is the film link for you to enjoy: 

Here I want to thank the Mississauga Arts Council, the Mississauga Nation, Triple J Canada, and Kaideed Education again. Check more about this project.

Public Art and Poetry Film Project of Mississauga kick-off

I am happy to let you know that my project: Public Art and Poetry film project which won MAC’s 2023 spring Matchmaker MicroGrant now is ready to kick off. You are all welcome to join us from June to Oct 2023. There are several ways to support us: submit your creative photos or poems, or be our sponsors or directly participate! Thank our sponsors: MAC, AGM, WUC,  Triple J Canada, Kaideed Education etc for making the project to take form!

My upcoming events in June

Join poet Anna Yin at the Art Gallery of Mississauga for the captivating workshop, “Poetic Voices.” Discover the rich history of haiku and learn the art of crafting these concise yet profound poems. Afterward, wander through the gallery’s inspiring exhibition, Jorian Charlton: Between Us, and let the artwork ignite your creativity for your own haiku masterpieces.
Reserve spot now

Hosted by the West Perth Public Library in conjunction with The Ontario Poetry Society…

A full afternoon of poetic fun with 14 Featured Readers, a Book Draw and an Open Mic for guests! Thanks for featuring me at this poetry festival!

My project won Matchmaker MicroGrant for Spring 2023 projects from Mississauga Arts Council

My new project: Creating a reflective film to foster cultural values / Project that fuses poetry and public art in a collaborative film will team with Roy Marques, Sarah Hei and other artists/participants. I thank MAC, AGM, Triple J Canada, Kaideed Education and other sponsors!
This project will start in June teamed up with a core film team and plan to finish in Oct, 2023. During our filming process, we will involve and invite the public to join us with activities to enrich connections with our city and our communities to further understand the role of public art in the history and cultural development of Mississauga. Currently we have received wonderful supports from local artists and sponsors (my last year’s sponsors want to continue their sponsorship).
 It is a small low budge project. If any of you or your company would like to be involved with this project or sponsor it. Please feel free to contact me. I am sure we all could learn and have fun together. #project #film #publicart #sponsor

Also I want to mention last year my haiku project “Here and Now, Discover Mississauga and More” won a micro grant from Mississauga Arts Council (MAC) and selected to be a 2022 successful story by MAC. Thank all participants and sponsors! Cheers!

March is a busy month, teaching at schools, writing, translating and publishing…

March is a busy month, I helped to judge the Etobicoke Team Regional contest for Poetry In Voice. I visited two schools for haiku workshops. I continue writing and translating poetry. I have received some good news and got new poems/translations accepted. I am now reading the Tanka anthology from England! Thanks the editors for including mine and mailing it to Canada. It took two months. It is very beautiful and had many fine tankas with a great introduction. I seldom write tanka, now I want to write more! #tanka I think today some students’ work are tanka😀😀😀😀

Of course I want to thank The League of Canadian Poets and Poetry In Voice for their support! #Teachers #schools #poetryinschool #poetinclass

Poet in School at one of Mississauga’s schools
Anna’s Tanka in the book
Anna’s <取舍之间的释然>
Anna’s Poem/translation
at one of Regional Contest

Back from Cancun with new poems and other good news

Back from Cancun trip and wrote a lot of short poems and two long poems… very inspired trip! During my trip, glad to receive an email from @WindsorReview. Thanks for accepting my poem: Grandpa’s House in their spring issue. Thank @QuarterlyQueens for publishing Yan Li’s poem with my translation again. This time in their spring issue! Also thank @arcpoetry, @FreeFallMag, 创世纪诗刊 for continuing publishing my poems/translations ! And a cheque from Canada Council for the Arts in my mail… thanks!

More Poetry Alive workshops at schools! Applications are open for 2023 funding!

So glad to visit schools in Windsor, Toronto and Mississauga. More to come and thank all the teachers and Poetry In Voice!
I am also happy to be booked by companies and churches for their team building and family events! Poetry and Arts are good for our soul and health! I am glad to more people enjoy the peace and joy that poetry brings us!

Contact me for details for 2023 school visits!

Visiting Francis Libermann school, Toronto
visiting RAY UNDERHILL SCHOOL Mississauga
Visiting St. Joseph’s CHS in Windsor

Video is ready: Poets and Painters-Arts in Translation

Thank you all for joining us for a special event. We have showcased Yan Li’s poem and my translation, which was just published in Queen’s Quarterly😀😀😀 we also shared Dr. Ruffo’s poems and my translation in Chinese in Epoch Poetry Quarterly ( just out) too. Thanks Dr. Ruffo and Yan Li for sharing their work and knowledge. The video is ready! We wish you all a happy and healthy holiday season and a great new year!

so glad to have my poem published in MPT

Lately when I wanted to teach students about shape poetry, I used my poem to illustrate how it could be revised as a shape poem and it worked well. Now it wad published in Modern Poetry In Translation in UK!
Glad to receive copies from UK! Thanks.

A great success and a splendid event for 10th Anniversary Edition Poetry at the Manor!

Poetry at the Manor – Vol. 10 was a great event to celebrate the milestone tenth anniversary of the beloved event, which returned to an in-person format at Willistead Manor in Walkerville. This year’s line-up included Anna Yin (inaugural Poet Laureate for Mississauga), Richard-Yves Sitoski (Poet Laureate for Owen Sound), Micheline Maylor (Poet Laureate Emeritus for Calgary), and Sarah Lewis (past Poet Laureate for Peterborough). Thanks Windsor’s talented team!

words from Mayor of Windsor with photos and more..
Marty Gervais led the event!
The new book on Black Moss Press

International Show of ‘Art and Poetry’ (Poetry on Walls by Women Poets)

Zoom Launch event for: International show of ‘Art and Poetry’ in metaverse, on the virtual plane of CROSSARTS Gallery, showcasing women poets from Canada and India and the Indian diaspora from the UK and USA

Participating Poets on the walls:
ANNA YIN (Canada)
QURAT DAR (Canada)

My new journey in 2022, thanks Canadian Council For the Arts for a grant!

2022 is a new turn point for me. After more than 20 years full-time working in IT field, I decided to spend more time on poetry/art/education/translation. This year, I have finished translating one poetry collection including her poetic drama for a Chinese poet (from Chinese to English), and we will have a reading in fall. I also have two Canadian poets’ collections lined up for translation (from English to Chinese)… In Aug I published Hans’ new haiku book; in Oct I will publish Here and Now, Discover Mississauga and More eBook! And Now I am thrilled for Canadian Council For the Arts awarding me a Create and Explore grant! In Sept, I will start the new project, I am very excited to learn and explore!

Nice photos by Roy Marques for future projects. Thanks a lot.

Photo by Roy Marques
Photo by Roy Marques at Kariya Park, Mississauga

The Spirit of Poetry Across Ontario Updates

Readings by Poet Laureates across Ontario in celebration of National Poetry Month.

Apr 21, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. EDT Virtual on Zoom. Now the video is uploaded for watching.

Watch the whole video

Al Moritz – Toronto
Randell Adjei – Province of Ontario
Jessica Outram – Cobourg
Anna Yin – First Poet Laureate of Mississauga
Richard M. Grove – Brighton
Jason Heroux – Kingston
Richard-Yves Sitoski – Owen Sound
Victoria Butler – Barrie
Thomas Leduc – Sudbury
Albert Dumont – Ottawa (Anglophone)
Gilles Latour – Ottawa (Francophone)
Sarah Lewis – Peterborough
Alex-Andrei Ungurenasu – Windsor
Ayomide Bayowa/Current Poet Laureate of Mississauga
Former Poet Laureate Paul Edward Costa – Mississauga

Poetry Seeds was selected for the LCP’s chapbook: On the Storm / In the Struggle: poets on survival

Updates from Kimball Electronics’ Take a Haiku Hike Challenge

I was happy to be a guest speaker and a judge for Kimball Electronics’ Take a Haiku Hike Challenge. Here are the winners with Communications Director Scott Saalman’s announcement. Thank you, Scott and all the participants, for bringing about such an amazing event where new talents were discovered. I hope to see you at our online haiku workshops in the summer (open to all). Your contributions will be considered for inclusion in our eBook in Oct. —Anna Yin

Celebrating #AsianHeritageMonth

To celebrate National Poetry Month & Asian Heritage MonthAnna Yin wrote 24 haiku that were inspired by Neville G. Poy & Vivienne Poys beautiful photography book: Precious Moments. Please check the video to find more about Poys’ wonderful book! Some of them will be used at Anna Yin’s school and community haiku workshop programs. Thanks Dr. Vivienne’s permission!

pink water lily
mirroring herself…
full moon night

….read more haiku…

Also thank Mississauga Culture Department Team for interviewing me and recording my poems!

Poem in Your Pocket Day 2022

Today is Poem in Your Pocket Day! Celebrate by carrying a poem & sharing it with others throughout the day!

This year’s Poem In Your Pocket Collection features poetry by: Ashley Elizabeth Best, Jaclyn Piudik, Keith Inman, Maureen Hynes, Bänoo Zan, Angela Cen, Callista Markotich, Harry Posner, Mark Kim, Annick MacAskill, Amy LeBlanc, Frances Boyle, Anna Yin and Marlene Grand Maitre.
These poems are also available as audio recordings and a printable booklet. To print and share from your home, check out the 2022 Poem In Your Pocket Day Booklet from LCP.  (Thanks for including my poem: The Hollow Tree)

George Elliott Clarke Presents 5 Poets Breaking Into Song (April 6, 2022)

George Elliott Clarke Presenting a night of poetry, music and song by 5 fine poets and 2 wondrous musicians. Thanks Aurora Public Library, Ontario and The League of Canadian Poets

George Elliott Clarke l Poet Laureate (Toronto)
Giovanna Riccio l Poet, Co-Host (Toronto)
Louise Bernice Halfe l Parliamentary Poet Laureate (Regina)
Anna Yin l Chinese l Poet (Mississauga)
Boyd Warren Chubbs l Poet (St. John’s)
Astrid Brunner l Poet (Halifax)
Andrea Thompson l Poet (Toronto)
Juliet Palmer l Pianist (Toronto)
James Rolfe l Composer (Toronto)

Celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival with Your Own Haiku – 櫻花時節吟俳句

Celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival with a fun and interactive poetry appreciation event hosted by Anna Yin for Vancouver Public Library has received wonderful feedback. Here is one:

Congratulations on another excellent session tonight, grateful for the opportunity to learn from you.  Thank you for sharing your time, expertise and love for poetry.  Wonderful to see you again? -Maria

Author Talks: Anna Yin on April 6 at Mississauga Public Library

This National Poetry Month, thank Mississauga Library and Art and Culture inviting me for Author Talks on April 6, 2022. (Thanks The League of Canadian Poets and Canada Council for the Arts)

Here are some feedback:

On behalf of Mississauga Library, and our program participants, Thank YOU for a great Author Talk session on Wednesday evening. It was a very engaging talk and we received very positive feedback for the program. I’ve shared a customer comment below:· Anna was very engaging and the conversation with her flowed nicely.Thank you again for your time for this program. It was a pleasure working with you, and I hope we get a chance to host you again in person! —Elizabeth Caione

Dear Anna, I greatly enjoyed your Mississauga Library interview last night. I thought the questions were good, and your answers were engaging and illuminating. —Allan Briesmaster

Thank Poetry X Hunger and Epoch Poetry Quarterly(创世纪诗刊)

Poetry X Hunger: Raspberries by Anna Yin.

Several of these poems will be showcased in the coming weeks by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization and the Capital Area Food Bank.  Thanks!


感谢台湾《创世纪诗刊》发表我的论文(论诗歌翻译-曲径通幽)/Thank Epoch Poetry Quarterly for publishing my essay’s Chinese version. English version was on Freefall Magazine: On Poetry Translation: WHERE CAN WE DETOUR?
Thank Editor for including my essay about P.K.Page: : Single Traveler. Amazon.ca

Mirrors and Windows- interviews from Open Book & Artisanal Writer

Click to read the interview on Open Book!
Open Book:With English renderings of acclaimed modern Chinese poets and translations of English poems from Canada, the US, and the UK, Mirrors and Windows is a tapestry of contemporary poetry that blurs origin and language and constructs a universal celebration of poetic energy. 

This is such an interesting and ambitious project and it was wonderful to get to read you speaking about it so passionately. We’re thrilled to have you on the site and to share this with our readers.  —Grace O’Connell (Open Book)

The Artisanal Writer with Anna Yin : 9 questions about the Craft of Writing and Reading (Nov, 2021)

Glad to win the first place for Brooklin Poetry Society 3rd annual contest

Thanks Brooklin Poetry Society and judge, KV Skene! Congrats to all winners:Anna Yin, Bänoo Zan and Marsha Barber, and our honourable mentions, Andrea Rachel, Mansour Noorbakhsh and Lynn Tait!!


  • Also Three of my Chinese poems were published in Epoch Poetry Quarterly (Taiwan) #204 (礼物,穿越,流言)


George Elliott Clarke – Review Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac

LE-Books-August-2020-Banner-Anna-Yin-George-Clarke-ProfileThank Live Encounters publishing George Elliott Clarke – Review Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac by Anna Yin

Anna Yin is a startling dreamer. Poems that seem Romantic veer into Surrealism or Symbolism. Tutored in Sylvia Plath and William Carlos Williams, among many other poets (mainly American and Canadian), Yin issues poems that are nightmare dreams or dreamy nightmares: Here’s a world where the natural becomes unnatural, the unnatural natural: “the police-monkey escorts a well-suited rat / followed by his cloned brothers…” Some poems are parables, such as the story of a man- a father-who refuses to leave his home, even while it and others are being reduced to rubble: “I received a copy of the photo in the local newspaper. / My father looked so small on the top of the ruins. / It was titled, ‘The Last Temple.’”
In another poem, the speaker says, “You are tired of his / molding, over and over, / thrashing, nailing / into you.” There’s a fierce feminism here, reinforced by readings of Dot Livesay and Dame Atwood. Though it’s tricky following Yin’s wicked, impressionistic juxtapositions, her painterly imagery is deliciously lustrous.
Yin is endlessly perspicacious, endlessly compelling: “The autumn gusts feel warm / as if it’s spring…. / last night by accident I cut my finger… / slowly, on the rice paper, red roses grew.” She brings to Canadian poetry a sense of classicism and aestheticism and minimalism, all nicely mixed up with sensuality.
Yin’s bravura poems – so exquisite and extraordinary – merit bravo upon bravo.

chinese zodaic book coverPublisher’s website:

The 4th Poet Laureate of Toronto (2012-15) and the 7th Parliamentary/Canadian Poet Laureate (2016-17), George Elliott Clarke is a revered artist in song, drama, fiction, screenplay, essays, and poetry. Born in Windsor, Nova Scotia, in 1960, Clarke was educated at the University of Waterloo, Dalhousie University, and Queen’s University. Clarke is also a pioneering scholar of African-Canadian literature. A professor of English at the University of Toronto, Clarke has taught at Duke, McGill, the University of British Columbia, and Harvard. He holds eight honorary doctorates, plus appointments to the Order of Nova Scotia and the Order of Canada at the rank of Officer. His recognitions include the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Fellows Prize, the Governor-General’s Award for Poetry, the National Magazine Gold Award for Poetry, the Dartmouth Book Award for Fiction, the Eric Hoffer Book Award for Poetry (US), and the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Achievement Award. Photo Credit of George Elliott Clarke : Harvard University.

Live Encounters _ George Elliott Clarke – Review_br_Seven Nights with the Chinese Zodiac by Anna Yin

Anna Yin was Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate (2015-2017) and has authored five collections of poetry. Her poems/translations have appeared at ARC Poetry, New York Times, China Daily, CBC Radio, World Journal etc. Anna won the 2005 Ted Plantos Memorial Award, two MARTYs, two scholarships from West Chester University Poetry Conference, three grants from OAC and 2013 Professional Achievement Award from CPAC. She performed her poetry on Parliament Hill and has been featured at 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival and 2017 National poetry month project etc. She teaches Poetry Alive at schools, colleges and libraries. Her website: https://www.annapoetry.com/


Review: Love’s Lighthouse by Anna Yin

revirew-loveLighthouseThanks Susan McMaster for reviewing my fifth poetry collection, so glad that the review is on review page of the League of Canadian Poets.
感谢加拿大诗人联盟前会长Susan McMaster 给《爱的灯塔-星子安娜双语诗选》写评。感谢加拿大诗人联盟发布。
There’s a welcoming sense of being ‘let in’ in Love’s Lighthouse. This warm collection of Anna Yin’s Chinese poetry, paired with her English versions, is rich with visual, cultural and personal intimations. All the poems were written and translated by her, some in English first, others in Chinese. Thus we have an engaging introduction to two ways of thinking about language and poetry, through the perceptions and memories of one person who has been immersed in both….
About the reviewer: Susan McMaster’s publications include books, anthologies, and scripts, recordings, and collaborations with artists, dancers, dramatists, and composers. Recent collections are Haunt and Lizard Love: Artists Scan Poems. She is the founding editor of Canada’s first feminist magazine, Branching Out, and of Vernissage, the magazine of the National Gallery of Canada.  She is a past president of the League of Canadian Poets.