June, 2023: my translations of three Canadian poets’ works in 《创世纪诗刊》#215 (Liz Howard, Don Gutteridge, Armand Garnet Ruffo)
May 2023: Moon’s Divine Wine in Freefall #Volume XXXIII Number 1
May 2023 Listening to Leonard Cohen on Live Encounters Poetry and Writings
May 5, 2023: Fire Fox on Mary Evans Picture and Poem (UK)
May 2023: Found poems with two poems on Word City Lit 2023 Spring
April 2023: My translation of Marty Gervais’ dancing tree in New World Poetry #195
Feb, 2023: my translation of The Other Night of the Night by ZhouJun’s Chinese poem in Arc Poetry #100
Feb, 2023: Grandpa’s House in Windsor Review 2023 Spring issue
Feb, 2023: Moon’s Devine Wine in FreeFall Magazine 2023 Spring
Feb, 2023: 采访严力 &艾米莉卡尔和她的猕猴发表在 《创世纪诗刊》#214
Feb 2023: Ya Li’s Chinese poem with my translation: Dreams in Queen’s Quarterly Vol. 130 No.1
Jan 2023: Exile & my translation (Farewell/ZhouJun’s Chinese poem) in 聲韻詩刊 Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine #68
Jan, 2023: Confluence of Chinese & Canadian Poetry, guest editorial by Anna Yin
Dec 2022: My translations with Don Gutteridge’s poems in Houston Poetry
Dec, 2022: YanLi’s Chinses poem with Anna Yin’s translation in English in Queen’s Quarterly Vol. 129 No. 4
Dec, 2022: 翻译Armard Garnet Ruffo’s 两首诗发表在 《创世纪诗刊》#213
Aug, 2022: 静默&朝鲜观感 发表在 《创世纪诗刊》#212
Aug, 2022: 礼物,穿越,金银花等五首 收录在《詩可興:疫情時代全球華語詩歌》
Aug, 2022: Monkey King on Rice Paper Magazine, and more haiku for Haiku Foundation Haiku Dialogue

July, 2022: 四月之声 & 高端凝思,以及翻译 Armand Ruffo’s Filament & 沙克的“但是” 发表在《纽约一行》纸刊 2022 总第六期
May,2022:Poetry Seeds published in a chapbook by the LCP
Apr, 2022: 2 haiku for Poetry Pea, more for Haiku Foundation Haiku Dialogue
Mar, 2022: 璀璨之星 & 祖屋 发表在《纽约一行》纸刊 2022 总第五期
Mar, 2022: two translations for Ukraine poet published in 《今天》
Mar, 2022:2 haiku for Poetry Pea, more for Haiku Foundation Haiku Dialogue

Feb, 2022: 论诗歌翻译-曲径通幽 in 《创世纪诗刊》#210
Feb, 2022: 美猴王 in 纽约一行 #39Feb, 2022: 论诗歌翻译-曲径通幽 in 《创世纪诗刊》#210
Feb, 2022: 美猴王 in 纽约一行 #39
Jan, 2022: 3 haiku on Haiku Foundation: Haiku Dialogue ( Jan-Feb Ekphrasti-ku…)
Jan, 2022: On Poetry Translation: Where Can We Detour? (my essay on Freefall Magazine)
Dec, 2021: Essay about P.K.Page: Single Traveler in On the Breeze of Canadian Literature
Dec, 2021:  “新钱币观察“ “酒店房间”,”感恩节偶感“  《创世纪诗杂志》第209期
Dec, 2021:  Truth, My Living Will, Games or Wars… in Live Encounters Poetry & Writing Volume Two
Sept, 2021:  為了忘卻“ & ”恰如雨下“ ”非常之心“ 《创世纪诗杂志》第208期
Aug,2021:”The Night in Which Songs Rise“(translation of GaoLian’s poem) in  Literary Review of Canada
Sep, 2021: three haiku in Guest 
May, 2021: 翻译洛夫的诗 on Driftwood #2
May, 2021: 6 haiku on Haiku Foundation: Haiku Dialogue ( April-May door themes…) 
April, 2021: Spirit Tree in LCP chapbook, “安娜“ & ”灵树“ in 《创世纪诗杂志》第207期
Mar, 2021: As Much As You Know Published in Queen’s Quarterly Spring 2021 
Mar, 2021: 3 haiku in Poetry Pea’s 2021 Spring issue.
 Mar, 2021: my translations of Luo Fu’s poems published by Driftwood poetry club 

Feb, 2021:  Valentine’s Day (English/Chinese) on 麒麟美洲【五洲詩軒】情人節特刊《私奔》(USA)
Jan, 2021:  How Much I Want You (2 poems) in Extraction-Art on the Edge of the Abyss (USA)
Jan, 2021: <加华文苑>#4 :小雪 ;[名家文学:海内外实力诗人合辑>: 秋分
Jan, 2021:  【海外詩粹】星子安娜譯作精選|鏡子與窗戶 (4 poets laureate’ works and anna’s translations) 
Jan 2021: 12 首节气诗发表在 <新诗潮>#101, 麒麟诗刊电子刊#2和 姐妹网-莫莉.皮克 诗歌翻译
Dec, 2020: 意大利之行双语 in 诗梦枫华#36, 3 poems in Heatbeat, 洛夫诗翻译in 子午线诗刊,秋分,小暑,端午感怀 in 创世纪诗刊#205 穿越 in 橄榄树  Hongkong
Nov, 2020: 立冬 in 欧洲华文诗歌会,C.D.Wright译诗  in PoetrySky 15周年版,两首双语+秋分 in 麒麟诗刊创刊, Asking 双语 in诗梦枫华#35
Oct, 2020: 7 poems in Chinese on 箐橙园文学社名人名作第二期
Oct,2020: four poems on Live Encounters Poetry & Writing 11th anniversary Issue.
Oct, 2020: 2 poems: Winter Solstice and To My Artistic Self on Juniper  Vol 4 
Aug, 2020: 七夕 in 韶峰文学二〇二〇七夕诗词专辑, 立秋 in 欧风诗意,八月精选, 礼物、穿越  in 诗梦枫华#32
Aug,2020:  essay for Covid 19 published in Global Pandemic Crisis: a series of literary essays on quarantine
Aug, 2020: 3 Chinese poems in Epoch Poetry Quarterly #204 (礼物,穿越,流言)
July,2020: four new poems on Live Encounters July 2020 (Of Course, I Still Love You / “Look at the birds of the air…”/A Pardon to My Bones /Traversing…
April, 2020: A World of Poetry: Life and Truth by Anna Yin on (the League of Canaidian Poets)
Feb, 2020: “Hope is a Thing”, “兰花“,”守“ 發表在《创世纪诗杂志》第202期
Nov, 2019:” 隱形的翅膀” 发表在《台客詩刊》20期詩人俱樂部優選專輯
Nov, 2019: “At the Wrong Party” in Arc Poetry  (Labour and Livehood) 
Sept,2019: Glad to have new poems published in Arc Poetry and the Epoch Poetry Quarterly
Sept,2019: “金銀花和天梯“,”意大利之行/兩首“發表在《创世纪诗杂志》第200期
Jul, 2019: “晚安“,”假日烟花“发表在世界电子报华章第45期,洛杉矶版
Jun-jul. 2019: “印象“,”罗马假日“,”意大利之旅“发表在欧风诗意六月诗选,七月诗选。
2019: “梦“,”石头,剪刀,布“发表在《创世纪诗杂志》第198期,春季版
2019:my two poems were in “Undocumented Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice” published by Michigan State University Press (2019)
2019:  “Pears” and “Dragon Fruit”were included in 2019 46 issue of Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine.
2019: “Dance of the Old Year, 2016″and “Thirteen Ways of Looking at Smog” in Undocumented, Great Lakes Poets Laureate on Social Justice (Michigan State University Press)
2019: 6 poems: The Life Tree,The Houseleek,  The Burning Ladder, How Much I want You,   in Windsor Review Vol 51 No 2
2019:  two poems: Abalone and A Borrowed Story in A Canadian Anthology of Poetry 2018
Nov, 2018: My translations with five of Albert Morits’ poems were published on Poetry East West | Chinese-English Bilingual Magazine (China) and Poetry Sky (USA)  including my translation of Xin mu’s, Marty Gervais’s etc.
Oct, 2018: My Body Is the Flute in Tamaracks in USA.
July, 2018: 山水记,心愿 published in TaiWan The Epoch Poetry Quarterly #196 
Nov, 2017: a haiku about Refugee in The Literary Review of Canada (Vol 25, No 8)
Oct, 2017: “Buddha’s Hand” in LooseLeaf #4 (Toronto)
Sept, 2017: “My Father’s Temple” at The Parliamentary Poet Laureate site (Canada)
Aug,2017 : “Queen Anne’s Lace” on the website of the Mary Evans Picture Library in London, UK.
Aug, 2017: two poems in Chinese (To My Poetic Self and Helen)  in  The Epoch Poetry Quarterly  #192 (Taiwan)
April, 2017 “My Accent”  in 2017 Poem in Your Pocket Day booklet by the Academy of American Poets and the League of Canadian Poets
April, 2017: poetry and translation for six poets from WCPC on Coviews Wechat
March, 2017: “Truth in Slant” article on the blog of the Puritan Magazine
March, 2017: poem: In Duplicate in Literary Review of Canada

Feb, 2017: three poems of Dana Gioia and my translations on PoetryEastWest

Jan 23, 2017: haiku runner-up for Indiania Review 2017 Haiku Twitter Contest

Jan 1,2017: my review of George Swede’s book on EastLit
Dec 1, 2016: poem:”如何畫我” was published on新大陸No. 157 (USA)
Nov, 2016: two new poems in Chinese (借來的故事/一式兩份) in  The Epoch Poetry Quarterly  #189 (Taiwan)
Oct, 2016: eight new haiku on the Living Haiku Anthology
Sept, 2016: five new poems in Philadelphia Supplement (USA)
July, 2016: Family Album & Because Of in “Quixotica: Poems East of La Mancha” by  Chameleon Press (HongKong)
July, 2016:  Guest post on Black Moss press: How Poet Lorna Crozier and Her Cat Inspired My Poetry
May, 2016: A Long Dress on the Puritan Magazine #33
May, 2016: My Accent in Canadian Immigrant Magazine 
May, 2016: three haiku on April 19, April 25, May 6 in the Asahi Haikuist Network 
May, 2016: two new poems in Chinese in the Epoch Poetry Quarterly (Taiwan) #187
April,2016:My Father’s Temple (in chinese) published on New World Poetry #154 (新大陆)
April, 2016: My poem The Odyssey on Saskatoon Public Library for National Poetry Month
Mar, 2016: my translation and Kateri Lanthier’s poem “Guanyin Lamp” on PoetrySky 43nd issue
Mar,2016:my poem: 暮影 published in <21世纪世界华人诗歌精选 > (U.S.A.)
Mar, 2016: one poem in Scarborough Fair Issue 48
Mar, 2016: my review of Kate Rogers’ book “Foreign Skin” on EastLit
Feb, 2016:  haiku in Haiku Canada Review
Dec,2015:poems in Poetry East West volume 8
Nov, 2015: my poem “Fish in a House” translated into Bangla by Parvez Chowdhury
Nov, 2015: my translation and D. C. Reid’s poem “Tulips” on  PoetrySky 42nd issue
Nov, 2015: “The Way” in the Fall 2015 Border Issue of the Windsor Review
Nov, 2015: Guest post on Black Moss press:My New Book and Position as Inaugural Poet Laureate
Oct, 2015: Three poems: Abscence, My Father’s Temple, (MH730) on EastLit Oct
Oct, 2015: “Later Trains” and “The Odyssey”  on Wax Poetry and Art for Poetry Contest #9 Runner Up
Sept, 2015: poems in Chinese in 《创世纪》诗杂志 (The EPOCH Poetry Quarterly #184) Taiwan
June, 2015: six translation works on Poetry Sky (U.S.A)
June, 2015: “Lorna’s Cat” in Rice Paper Magazine 
April, 2015: “Messages” in Di-vêrsé-city the annual anthology for 2015 AIPF
April 2015:  My essay in Chinese on 健康时报 in Ottawa

Mar,2015: My translation of poems by Lanlan on Room Magazine #38.1

Feb, 2015: Poetic Love on Brick Books blog and 《创世纪》诗杂志 (The EPOCH Poetry Quarterly #179) Taiwan

Feb,2015 :three poems on PoetrySky #40

Feb 2015:3 poems won Honourable Mention Awards in the Open Heart 9 Poetry Contest 
Dec, 2014: two poems in Chinese on 橄榄叶诗刊 in Hongkong
Dec 2014: twilight haiku won first place at Haiku Contest#4 by Wax Poetry and Art Magazine.
Dec 2014: my poem “Snow” in The winter edition of UMBRELLA
Oct 2014: The Epoch Poetry Quarterly (Taiwan) published three of my poems in Chinese 
Oct, 2014: 20 poems in Chinese in “Poetry Across Oceans: Anthology of Chinese American Diaspora Poetry”  China 《四海为诗:旅美华人离散诗精选》
Aug. 2014: Still Life and Two Other Poems on EastLit #21
Poetry in Transit – 2013-2014: Still Life on and busses across Canada
June 2014: Apples and Pears, Edge Arts and haihu series for Horse Year in Rice Paper magazine #19.1
June. 2014: three poems in Chinese on 《创世纪》诗杂志 (The EPOCH Poetry Quarterly #179) Taiwan
May 25, 2014: haiku a finalist for Haiku Contest and published in In the Garden Catalogue of BAC
April 25, 2014: haiku a finalist for Haiku Challenge for The New York Times and is on
Feb. 2014: three poems in Chinese on 《创世纪》诗杂志 (The EPOCH Poetry Quarterly #178) Taiwan
Feb. 2014: Valentine’s Color : Second place for Wilda Morris’s Poetry Challenge – Ice
Feb. 2014: three poems on Honourable Mention Awards for Open Heart 8 (TOPS) 2013 
Feb. 2014: My poem: 10th Anniversary on Red River Review #50
Jan 24 2014: 四首中文诗(静物,生命瓶罐,信使,我有一种无边的寂寞)发表在世界日报-华章14期
Jan 2014: My Accent & Landscape in ARC Poetry #73
Jan 2014 你会是什么植物?发在北美华文作家协会期刊上
Dec, 2013 two haiku on Haiku Journal #20/ #22
Nov.2013: Picking up a Dandelion on Leaf Press
Nov.2013: A Glass Onion on Pirene’s Fountain
Oct. 2013: my translations of P.K. Page, Milton Acorn and Richard Greene’s work on Impact China and 随笔南洋 (Singapore)
Oct. 2013:my translation of Bruce Meyer’s poem on Poetry Sky
Sept, 2013: 10 of my poems in Chinese on Impact China (影响力中国网)
Aug 16 2013: poem for a painting (善变的永往)on Ivy Poetry (USA) 常青藤诗刊
July 20 2013: The Collage (a poem for a collage art) on Art Gallery of Mississauga Blog
July 15: my poem: Life Jars on CBC Radio Metro Morning
June 2013: two poems: “A Living Will” & “Inhaling the Silence” in the Labour of Love literary magazine
June 2013: Poetry and Stories on 《华人时刊》
May 2013: Fish haiku on Frogpond #36
May 2013: Three poems on EastLit Magazine
May 2013: Fox Love on the Big Art Book 2013
April,2013:”致李清照” 发表在《世界华文作家》杂志第一期
Mar. 2013: The Flowering of the Bra is on World Poetry-Peace E- Anthology
Mar. 2013 Posing for an Artist and The Path are on Cha: An Asian Literary Journal
Mar. 2013 Four poems:Bodhi Tree, My Father’s Family Tree, Root Carving and Raspberries on Eastlit Magazine
Jan. 2013 “The Tea Grows Cold” on Honorable Mentions for 15th Mattia Poetry contest.
Jan. 2013 “Shoes, secret face of an inner life” won Jan 2013 Challenge on Wilda Morris’s Blog
“My Heart is the Wing” & “For Li Qing Zhao” on RicePaper Magazine (Special Double Issue “Aboriginal & Asian Canadian Writers” – Fall/Winter 2012)
Dec. 2012 Grandma’s Warning was a Runner Up in the Arborealis Prize (TOPS) 2012
Sept. 2012 new year’s eve haiku in Presence. For #47 (Britain)
Sept. 2012 Visiting Ground Zero (2009) on Voices Education Project, Education packet on 9/11
Jul. 2012 Purple and Gold on World Poetry
Jul. 2012 “Fish in a House” on CBC website
Apr. 2012 “Talking to Frida Kahlo” won April Challenge on Wilda Morris’s Blog
Apr. 2012 “Seeds of a Bailout” on THE TORONTO QUARTERLY
03 2012: a haiku by Notes from the Gean (Scotland)
02 2012: three poems on THE TORONTO QUARTERLY
02 2012: Richard Greene’s Window with my Chinese translation in IVY Poetry #14
02 2012: I Often Dream of Fish (Chinese and English) in IVY Poetry #14
02 2012: (The Robin, Falling into Pieces , Window & Mirror…) on
10 2011: “Lust, Caution” & “The Night Song” on Scarlet Literary Magazine
09 2011: I Often Dream of Fish and another The Farewell Symphony in polish (tran: Jadwiga Grabarz) in AKANT magazine
11 2011:Valentine’s Day/情人节 (入选 《藤上行》)
09 2011: Visiting ZenRiver Gardens on Umbrella arts newspaper
08 2011: two haiku are on World Haiku Review
08 2011: I Often Dream of Fish and The Farewell Symphony translated in polish are printed in AKANT in Poland.
05 2011: Barren on Red River Review May 2011 Issue
02 2011: I Often Dream of Fish on Quills Poetry Canada Magagine
08 2010: An Invisible Cocoon won third place in the wildamorris.blogspot poetry challenge
08 2010: “Seeds of A Bailout” was accepted for publication in “Tough Times” (Black Moss Press) edited by John B. Lee
05 2010: “The Map Home” won May Poetry Challenge
03 2010: After reading Ted Hughes’ ‘Full Moon and Little Frieda’ won the Poem-A-Day contest in public libraries of Cambridge, Ontario
02 2010: “Insomnia” was chosen as one of the winners of the February Poetry Challenge.
12 2009: Three newly poems:爱的疑惑/雨夜断想/由庆典说起 published Poems in Chinese
11 2009:Raspberries is on Cha Magazine and it was nominated for Pushcart Prize in 2009
2008: “The Woman within Her House” second place for 12th Mattia Family International Poetry Contest
2008: Poems (There Must Be Something/ Root Carving )were appeared on Canadian Immigrant Magazine
Rain Poem won First Place (IBPC) for Oct 2009
2008: “Truth” & “Love” two sonnets first appeared on Rhythm Poetry Magazine
2008: “My father’s family tree” won IBPC Second Place for November ,
12 2007: “Because of The Wind” and other poems (Chinese and English versions) were published in “Ivy Poetry”
10 2007:”Impression of Luo Fu” published in “Selection of Contemporary Global Chinese Poems and Prose”
02 2007: Poems in ChinaDaily ( the Great Wall, Valentine Day, There Must Be Something ..)
2007: Review of book “The River’s Stone Roots” By James Deahl (published by Hammered Out in 2007).
2006 Root Carving was on Honorable Mentions in 8th international Poetry by Mattia Family .
2006: “The Bright Future” (The Great Wall, Microscope)
2006: “Locking the Muse” ( What I Don’t Know, Where did the river meander)
2006: “North American Maple” (Toronto, No More Weeping, There Must be Something…)
2006: “Poetrysky” selection (Late Night, The girl in a mirror, The Trip to Lan Hill ,Melting Icicle on the Eaves, Mourning for Iris Chang ….)
“Ivy Poetry” (Farewell to Sunflowers )
“Taj Mahal Review” located in India (God’s Eye, Moon(Haiku))
2005 moon night/Beyond My Knowing (in Chinese and English) in North American Weekly Newspaer
2004 Four Seasons and other three poems in Outreach Newspaper …