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Poetry Alive and Poets In Schools
Poetry Alive and Poets In Schools

poetryalive1(Anna Yin is an award-winning poet, Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate and the representative for Ontario for the League of Canadian Poets (2013-2017).  She has six poetry books and her poems in English & Chinese and ten translations by her were in a Canadian Studies textbook used by Humber College. She was a finalist for Canada’s Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award in 2011/2012. CBC Radio,  Rogers TV and China Daily interviewed her about her poetry. Her poems were in ARC Poetry, New York Times, China Daily, CBC Radio, World Journal etc.

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at Agincourt Collegiate Institute (Toronto)
at Agincourt Collegiate Institute (Toronto)

Poetry Alive is designed to be fun, educational and appropriate for all ages.  Through different types of poetry (haiku, concrete poems, free verse, sonnets, found poetry etc) reflecting daily life and connecting with the Natural world, Anna discusses how words, thoughts and images work together to enrich our experience of life. By combining computer arts and live audience participation, Anna helps those involved explore the world of imagination through words. Each time Anna adjusts her program to fit the needs of different audiences with various writing exercises, games or entertainment.

 The above is a 2 minute video introduction to Anna Yin’s Poetry Alive workshops.

2022 June 9: Poetry Alive at KINGSWAY COLLEGE SCHOOL (@thewritersunionofcanada)

2022 April 6, Poetry Alive at University Transition Program (Vancouver, virtual class Poetry in Voice)

2022 April 7, Celebrate Cherry Blosson with Haiku Workshop at Vancouver Public Library (5:00pm PST)

2022 March 11, Poets workshop at the Corpus Christi School (Mississauga, virtual class, the LCP)

2022 Feb 9, Poetry Alive at KINGSWAY COLLEGE SCHOOL(Toronto, virtual class Poetry in Voice)

2022 Feb 4,  Poetry Alive at Francis Libermann school (Toronto, virtual class, @thewritersunionofcanada)

April 1, 2021: Haiku workshop at Bowmore Road Jr & Sr  (Toronto, virtual class visit)
April 26 2021: Haiku workshop at Mother Teresa Catholic School (Albert, virtual class visit)
May 7, 2021 :  Poetry Alive at Francis Libermann school (Toronto, virtual class visit)

Mar 20 2021: Online  Poetry Alive writing/editing workshops at East West Learning Club
Mar 6 2021: Online Haiku workshops at East West Learning Club
Feb 3, 2021: Haiku workshop at Bowmore Road Jr & Sr  (Toronto, virtual class visit)
2020 Nov 6,  Poetry Alive at Francis Libermann school (Toronto, virtual class visit)

–due to Covid-19, schools closed, but made the above online poetry alive workshops to share with them…
2020 April 30, Poetry workshop at  St Augustine SS (Mississauga)
2020 April 21, Poets workshop at the Corpus Christi School (Mississauga, revisit )
2020, April 2, Poetry workshop  at Francis Libermann school (Toronto, revisiting)

2019, Nov 15 poetry workshop at Lighthouse Learning & Development Centre (Aurora)

2019,March 29, Poetry Alive workshop at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School (Mississauga)

2019, March 21/22, Poetry Alive workshop at Corpus Christi School (Mississauga)

2019, Feb 26: Poetry Reading at St. Jude’s Academy IB World School

2018, Nov 13: Poetry workshop  at Francis Libermann school (Toronto)

2018, May:  Haiku/photo games at Port Credit Senior Living Home

2018, April 09, Haiku/photo games for Brave One Night at Point Click Care

2018, May 11: Poetry workshop  at Francis Libermann school (Toronto)

2018, Mar 30: Haiku Workshop for  EAWLC (Toronto)

2017  June 19, Poetry Alive and Passage Canada Presentation at Lisgar Middle School (Mississauga)

2017 May 23: Poetry Alive workshop at Francis Libermann School (Toronto)

May 5, Poetry Alive workshop (Poets in Schools) at St. John XXIII Catholic School, Mississauga

May 2, Poetry Alive workshop (Poets in Schools) at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Secondary School.

May 1: Poetry Alive workshop (Poets in Schools) at Deway College

April 30, Poetry Alive workshop at HSK (Toronto)

April 27, Poetry Alive workshop (Poets in Schools) at St. Francis Xavier Secondary School

April 24, Poetry Alive workshop at St. Joan of Arc C.S.S.

 April 6,  Haiku class visit at Mississauga Valley Library

Mar 3/6, 2017: Poetry Alive at Dolpin Public School (Mississauga)

Feb 26,  2017: Poetry Alive workshop for Leadership club at CPAC

Feb 2, 2017: Poetry Alive at Agincourt Collegiate Institute (Toronto)

Jan 19, 2017: Haiku workshop at city hall in Mississauga for MFA

Nov 12, 2016: Haiku workshop at central library in Mississauga

Oct 29, 2016:  Haiku workshop at central library in Ottawa

Oct 13/14, 2016: Haiku workshops at Lambton College in Sarnia, Ontario 

Oct 6, 2016:  National Poetry Day UK/haiku workshop/write for Thanksgiving with MAC

Sept 15, 2016: Poets in Schools at St. Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School (Mississauga)

May 20, 2016: Poets in Schools at Francis Libermann school (Toronto)

May 2, 2016:  Poetry Alive for  Rebel Week at Central Library

May 3/4, 2016  Poets in Schools at Dewey College

March 30/31, 2016: Poetry Alive (Poets in Schools) at Dolphin Senior School

Jan 28, 2016: Poetry Alive (Poets in Schools) at Agincourt Collegiate Institute

Jan 17, 2016: tea Poetic for Girl Guides at Mississauga Guiding Center

Oct 28, 2015: Poetry Alive Presentation at HangZhou Normal University in China

April 9-12, 2015:Poetry Alive  at the 2015 Austin International Poetry Festival

Feb 3, 2015: Poetry Alive at Francis Libermann school for Poets in Schools program((thanks for inviting me back)

Feb 12, 2015: Poetry Alive at Dolphin Senior PS (Mississauga) for Poets in Schools program

April 29, 2014 Poetry Alive at Francis Libermann school for Poets in Schools program (thanks for inviting me back)

April 5, 2014 Guest Speaker at Ink Movement
April 5, 2014 Poetry Tour at Markham Public Library 

2013 Aug 31: Poetry Alive event at Churchill Meadows Library in Mississauga

2013 April: Poetry Alive event for Francis Libermann High School, in Scarborough

2013 Jan: Haiku workshop in as Poets in Schools (in Dovercourt Public School)

2012: Mississauga’s National Poetry Month event / Milton Acorn poetry events

Videos for 2012 Mississauga’s National Poetry Month Reading (Churchill Meadows Branch of Mississauga Library)

2010, Culture Days: Poetry Alive event ( Churchill Meadows Branch of Mississauga Library)

2011, April (National Poetry Month) Poetry Alive event for high schools (St Joan of Arc High School)

2011 July 16 at Victoria Ztraine Career Development Center (Mississauga)

2011 July 30Poetry Alive-Inspiration from Raymond Souster (in Marmora Al PurdyFest

2011 Oct 2: Culture Days (Mississauga Central Lirary)
2011 Nov 3 Humber College Lakeshore Campus