Anna’s Poetry Alive-Haiku workshop with Claudia Radmore

anna yin using photo to discuss haiku Anna inviting participents for anonymous workshop Claudia and Anna host haiku workshop 2016_11_12_9999_5 20161112_145950 Claudia shows the skill of editing 2016_11_12_9999_843 2016_11_12_9999_834 2016_11_12_9999_820On Nov 12, the fourth Haiku Poetry Workshop, sponsored by the Ontario Arts Council and Mississauga, led by Mississauga’s Inaugural Poet Laureate Anna Yin and Ottawa poet Claudia Radmore, attracted 15 people with different backgrounds. Through multimedia, dragon fruit tasting and haiku sample discussion, participants learned to write with new techniques. An anonymous workshop was conducted at the end of the program to give all present an opportunity to discuss and edit their work with the instructors. Participants were appreciative for this free opportunity at the Central Library in Mississauga to develop their writing skills to express simply their love of Nature and life.  Photos by ShiYing.

Feedback from Kim Davids Mandar:
I appreciated the interactive and informative nature of your workshop. It was beautiful and helpful and it gave us a chance to practice techniques in a fun and encouraging way. It was not too heavy and the activities were diverse and freeing. I found that both you and Claudia worked well together – a good complement to one another. The venue was perfect for the size of the group, and I must say the diversity of contributions was enriching. I’m so grateful to have participated. Thank you!