haiku at Lambton College‘s campus

Here are haiku I wrote at Lambton College‘s campus on Oct 13/14 for my Haiku workshops where we discussed  the essence of haiku, discovering totality of experiences in our daily lives and how the ordinary becomes extraordinary!

Thanks to Lambton College for inviting me to host haiku workshops there.

lambton2after  brief rain
a rainbow over
my highway to Sarnia

maple trees
along the roadsides
Thompson’s vibrant paintings

44on the radio
the debate
Dylan’s hard rain

chemistry, business, science
faculty members  pondering
on three line poems

666the right moment
snapshots in words
haiku contest

clouds gathering

I walk uphill
come close, closer


lambton3little pond
fish  and leaves
swim in the clouds

feeling young again
in the college café
I savor black coffee


Many faculty members wrote wonderful haiku and had great fun… here is one by Lisa Bicum (Professor, English and Humanities /Lambton College)

on my computer
so few clothes
childhood…not the same

feedback from Lois Nantais:

Your enthusiasm and gentle grace are infectious, Anna! Thank you so much!! You definitely made an impact (even though I had to leave a bit early, you very much inspired me and I’ve written six haiku since!)

Short videos: