Visiting the Emily Dickinson Museum

Today, CBC FM 99.1 talked about Emily’s poems.—emily-dickinson—word-jazz/

I was glad to listen since I liked her poems very much.  I admired Emily Dickinson and the epigraph for my new book “Wings Toward Sunlight” is a line from Dickinson, “The soul should always stand ajar, ready to welcome the ecstatic experience.”  Here is one poem I wrote last year and it will be included in the book.

Visiting the Emily Dickinson Museum

I came across the ocean
to seek you at the old Amherst garden
where you drew night woods,
birds perched mute in their deference.

I wandered in your walled world,
far away from fame.
Where you mused on pallid sheets,
a lamp stood tall in your dim room.

Death drove in and out.
On your gravestone he carved,
You outlive.

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