My Story of Bottled Water

The Story of Bottled Water (2010)

Last week, when I watched “Water on the Table” on TV Ontario, I was very touched.
“Bottled water” vs “Tap Water” has been debated for a while, yet I failed to see the serious consequences until last week.
A picture is worth a thousand words. So they say. As I followed the film, the beautiful cascade of waterfalls reminded me of the great joys when we splashed in and drank from spring fountains thirty years ago. I felt very sad and guilty that the next generations may never have the chance to enjoy nature while wandering in trash composed of empty bottles and near dried rivers where the source of clean water used to be. I could imagine outside of our human communities, other creatures such as birds, fish living in the filth. Companies that bottle water claim that they have saved us from harm, but how about the fish,  the birds etc?  How can they be fed with bottled water?  When we humans worry if we can afford to drink from bottled water, how about these equally-existing creatures on the earth? Why do many companies spend so much money to make bottled water and push the media to promote it, but don’t have any intention of addressing the pollution problem?

Each individual existence on the earth should insist on the right to have free clean water.  Each of us should watch the film and look at how beautiful nature is when clean water is allowed to flow freely.
A great poet Rumi said, everything has a soul. The water does, the fish does, and each of us does. Let’s save the earth and save ourselves.

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