Review of Anna Yin’s ‘Wings Toward Sunlight: Poems’ — by Ron Dart

Ron Dart’s review of Wings Toward Sunlight is on Clarion Journal (05/2012)
We had the experience but missed the meaning.    —   T.S. Eliot
There is poetry that speaks to the head but never touches the deeper recesses of the heart, and there is poetry that massages the heart but does not really challenge the probing and questioning mind. There is poetry that is so abstract that the seeking soul can become lost in an inner or historic maze, and there is poetry that evokes and awakens, in a tender and suggestive way, the deeper longings of the human soul. Wings Toward Sunlight is poetry of the latter kind. But, there must be an inner quietness and attentiveness to receive the insights offered…
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Ron Dart (Professor, Editor, Author) review of Milton Acorn: In a Springtime Instant
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