Night’s Teardrops

(April 15, 2013)

Look, the night puts on her glimmering necklace!
I listen, searching the empty sky for your young voice.

Everything seems falling.
From the heaven, you watch the lit-up city below—
Night folds another broken heart;
silent, even our teardrops…

I want to light another candle,
pray for you to sleep
and wake up with the sunrise.

I want our joyful teardrops
to find you a new day—
Alive again and dressed for school, for work,
to run, to cheer…
the finish line, a happy journey.

Be alive, be home!
Simple like that, how grateful!

Could a day become a fresh page?
Could we erase the sadness and rewrite the end?
Could we all wake with the sunrise
but not the nightmare

so we could listen—
the night is beautiful