Two events in Aug, 2022

At Guernica Editions Summer Party, we had beautiful books and food… also snapped nice photos. My book “Mirrors and Windows” is in the list of prize draw! Cheers!

Read at Canadian Music Center and met old friends: George, Al… and new friends: musicians. Thank George commissioned musicians to set music and sing our poems. It was a special and great experience to hear their recitals, here’s what was performed:Govanna Riccio, “Namesake.” , Paul Zemokhol, “Moon.” , Andrea Thompson, “Wound Turned To Light.” Astrid Brunner, “Prelude” and “Minuet 1.” Luciano Iacobelli, “and then a second dream.” Bänoo Zan, “Phoenix IV.” ,Leonard Cohen, “For E.J.P.” , Amatoritsero Ede, “V.” ,Boyd Warren Chubbs, “After the Love at Victoria Street.” Anna Yin, “Spirit Tree.” ,Albert Moritz, “Marigolds.” ,Ayesha Chatterjee, “The Way Spring Jabs.” We also heard 2 pieces by–ahem–GEC: “To the Poet” and “Bombastic.”