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To book my presentation/poetry readings/workshops, please email anna.yin@gmail.com
Upcoming events:
2020, Nov 7: Virtual Class Visit  at Francis Libermann school (Toronto)
 2020, Sept-Oct: Poetry In Translation/East Meets West series (4+1)
 2020, Sept 22: The Art Bar Poetry Reading series, Anna Yin & Frances Boyle.
2020, Aug 2, Anna Yin sharing poetry and publishing tips
2020 April 21, 2 Online workshops for Annette Street Public Library, Corpus Christi School (Mississauga) and Francis Libermann school (Toronto, revisiting)
2019 Events:  
       Poetry Alive workshop list
      Poetry Slam judge ( May 16 at St Joan of Arc Catholic Secondary School
      Poetry Readings ( On May 18, May 26, July 8 ,  Nov 9…)
      2019, Oct 17, Poets Laureate reading at Mississauga Library’s Glass Pavilion
      2019 Oct 16 :  at Mattamy Theatre-Poets Laureate on Social Justice (Milton Ontario) 
      2019 Sept 29:  poetry perform at a Chinese Poetry festival in Toronto
 2019, Oct 23, night reading at Aurora Public Library–Poets Laureate on Social Justice /  noon at  Whitchurch-Stouffville Public Library 
 Events in the past …  and more

Events in the past ( 2016, 2015, 2014)

Anna Yin’s Poet Laureate Journey (highlights from 2004 to 2015)


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