Wonderful things about preparing work for Ray Souster at PurdyFest #5

Months ago, I was invited by Chris Faiers and Terry Barker to join them at the Zen River Garden in July for PurdyFest #5. Terry suggested me to present a multi-media work for Raymond there, knowing me good at combining computer arts and poetry from my Poetry Alive event. I was glad to accepted and began to prepare. I did some research and found a very interesting thesis “The Poetry of Raymond Souster by Harry Hugh Cook” from Simon Fraser University Institutional Repository. I read the entire document (98 pages) online and liked it very much. I told Terry this wonderful thesis and Terry asked me to print since he could use to prepare a talk about Ray. So I contacted Simon Fraser University Library and was very glad and thankful for their help. Todd Mundle, Associate University Librarian at SFU contacted Hugh Cook. Guess what, Hugh Cook kindly granted the right and the SFU Library was happy to pick up the costs of producing and shipping this to us.
Today I got Terry’s call to say that he got the mail of the thesis and Chris’ email to ask to confirm presentations on Raymond Souster at PurdyFest #5. Chris mentioned Hugh contacted him. How wonderful and amazing that we are all get connected by poetry.
Here I hope you enjoy the thesis online: http://ir.lib.sfu.ca/retrieve/1835/b11840018.pdf.
Meantime, if you want to check the PurdyFest #5 event, please check Chris Faiers’s blog:  PurdyFest #5
Again, thanks to Harry Hugh Cook, Todd and the SFU Library for their support.