Why do I write Haiku, teach Haiku?





Interestingly, many poets think, ah, haiku, 5/7/5, for kids, for elementary schools. Well, there are many misconceptions. I am glad that more and more people have recognized that Haiku is not just writing, it is a way of sharing, learning, respecting and living.

It is the natural and simple way to get close to Nature and to oneself and to be a part of the whole.

Lately, the founder of Ontario Poetry Society, Bunny Iskov, asked me to review a book. It took me some time to reflect on the high call from haiku.

While you read my review of George Swede’s book “Helices”, here are haiku I wrote at Lambton College’s campus on Oct 13/14 for Haiku workshops where we discussed  the essence of haiku, the totality of experiences in our daily lives and how the ordinary becomes extraordinary.