We had a great night for Acorn and his friends

The place was packed with poets, friends, laughing, music and beers. Thanks our wonderful actors (David Fox) and Jim Larwill. One became the powerful Milton, the other, Wilber Walnut. Thanks Morley Ellis, Joyce Wayne and all other performers and readers. We thank both publishers, Mosaic Press and Hidden Brook Press to launch two wonderful books: Milton’s “In A Springtime Instant” and Chris Faiers’ “EEL PIE ISLAND DHARMA” We also thank all the people who come to listen, read and chat with us. Everyone got his free gift, a nice book from Mosaic Press.
The funniest thing was when we (Terry Barker, Anna Yin and Brandon) were performing the drama “Finding Milton“, and handcuffed Brandon Pitts… haha… police showed up… 🙂
Joe Fiorito wrote down a lot of notes, he said he would like to report this event on theStar newspaper. Thank Henry for taking photos about the event and also film it.  here is the photo links.