The New Year Poem for our city

newyearcitycall5Here is a New Year poem I wrote for our city for Mayor’s Levee and glad to read it at city hall of Mississauga:

New Year

This is a New Year poem made by you and me.
On a 12 month-long canvas, with its significant marks,
the horse year has rolled over:
Floats of the season spread seeds for flowers and fruits;
the great green land breeds rich cultures and thriving lives.
Children sing and dance along their everyday routines;
parents work hard to provide pleasure and prosperity.newyearcitycall6

From rural area to urban center,
new buildings rise and broad roads extend.
Through community to community,
diversity spreads and dignity is shared.
We paint joy and praise peace.
We respect equity and agree to disagree.

From time to time,
somewhere in the world, the sky is falling;
we extend our hands and spirits for support.
Here and there,
our passages are clogged with chaos;FullSizeRender
we work together to create great fortune.
New forces gather and signal changes.
Our city and country are leading with promise.

This is a New Year poem.
It has been made by you and me.
On a 365 daily calendar,
each of us makes a difference

so that we can share love and enjoy peace;
each of us kindly contributesfirework
so that together we all can celebrate.

As 2016 arrives,
another New Year poem will form.
It will be made by us.
Here is our land; here is our opportunity.
Together we will guard the land,
together we will build our great fortune.

(photos credit to Meena ChopraNisreen Art and Sarah Hei)