For 2012 Earth Day: The Flowering of the Bra

The Flowering of the Bra, I wrote this poem for Mary Claire’s painted bra, and read it at 2012 Mississauga’s National Poetry Month event.  Today is 2012 Earth Day, I post it here for this as well.
This poem will be included in my coming new poetry book “Inhaling the Silence”

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I want to wear it for a mother
who suffers from breast cancer.
I want to remember
…blue skies and forget-her-not
no matter how fragilely her moons wane.

I want to wear it for our Earth
who endures violent exploitation.
I want to consider
…bleeding hearts as my sisters
who shiver from shatters and continual shocks.

I want to wear it for my children
who have a right to live in peace.
I want to picture
…their flourishing future
with azure skies and a green planet.

bleeding hearts

my haiku for today

Earth Day
bleeding hearts  shiver
as I watch Discovery