Poetry & Music Event

Poetry & Music Event
on May 5th 2007

 Hosted By coviews.com
Chinese Cultural Federation of North America
TOPS (The Ontario Poetry Society)
Vaughan Public Library

Host: Anna Yin & I.B. Bunny Iskov
Toronto Chinese Orchestra (Music: Beautiful Spring & A Strode at Suti)
TOPS Poets: I.B. Iskov (read poems with translator: Anna Yin)
COVIEWS Poets ( James Xu, Background music: Jerry Jia)
Piano(Terry Jia & Anny Wang)
TOPS Poets: Mark Clement (read poems with Catherine)
Children performance: Jason Liu read Anna Yin’s poem
Wen Mei read her own
TOPS Poets: Allan Briesmaster (read poems and his translation of Chinese poem)
Flash Play from Coviews.com ( Catherine recites poem)

(Break time: Draw prize……Play Flash/Movie)

TOPS Poets: Elka Ruth Enola (read poems with translator)
COVIEWS Poets (Bu Qing & )
Dancer: Angela
TOPS Poets: Josie Andrews, Jovan Read poem
COVIEWS Poets (Qiu Ye & Ice)
Singer: ChenLing(song & Poem)
Draw Prize and Award to each performer
Details and Photos: http://www.coviews.com/viewtopic.php?t=29127

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