My new poem after Billy Collins’ poem “Grave” and comments from Terry and Chris

The Only One

I do know the silence
since I talk a lot in silence.
There are many colors in it;
I name each as my siblings.

But I am the only child.
I don’t have anyone to fight
or to accompany.
God says, we are all the same, brothers and sisters.
But he too is lost, and the lonely one.

As I walk with my shadow
I think of his journey.
I wonder
how he could carry all the burdens.

The road in front becomes foggy.

—my comments:
I just bought a book “The Best American Poetry 2010” and read Billy Collins’ poem: Grave… it talks about silence… I like it very much and wrote the poem: The Only One.
Here is the link of Billy Collins’ poem:Grave :

—-Comments from Chris Faiers and Terry Barker