My interview on 51 Weekly ((星子诗歌))

Details please check 《51週報》72 期.
Details please check 《51週報》72 期

I picked up a copy of 51 Weekly Friday & was pleasantly surprised to see the 2-page article on you.  Congratulations.  It’s wonderful to see the media in general & the Chinese media in specific spotlight  poetry.  Both the Chinese & literary communities are very proud to have such a bright star of poetry right here in the GTA.  This old world would be a better place if everyone took a few minutes now & then to read a few poems.  It’s humanizing & calms the beast in us….makes us reflect: Something that in this always-too-busy life we don’t do enough of.                               — A Poetry Lover

Well Said! 感谢采访,也感谢读者!