Glad to celebrate Asian Heritage Month with book exhibition

bookfairI was glad to be invited for book exhibition at Asian Heritage Month celebration on May 18 Address: Splendid China Mall, 4675 Steeles Ave East, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1V 4S4.  You are welcome to join us on Saturday 12:30-3:30pm.  Thanks

密市桂冠诗人星子安娜、双语作家赵廉、菲裔诗人Patria Rivera、Susan Crean(写华裔人头税)、朱晏彦、新加坡裔作家金连、陈萍、枫舟、白水、张怡、郝伟、爱米、Carolyn Zhao、戴岩(蛇影)等十多位亚裔作家及写亚裔题材的英文作家将与读者见面交流并举行签售

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