An Evening with Milton Acorn and Friends (Toronto)

Come to join us for a night with beer, poetry and fun.
Place: Imperial Pub (54 Dundas Street East , Toronto)
Nov 21, 2012  Time: 7:00pm -9:30/10:00
 Musical Warm-Up
  7:00 – 7:15 Morley Ellis Guitar and Vocals
  7:15 – 7:25 Anna Yin, Brandon Pitts and Terry Barker sketch: Finding Milton Acorn
        David Fox presenting Meeting Milton Acorn ( introduced by Joyce Wayne)
         Joyce Wayne reading
         Launch of Chris Faiers’  EEL PIE ISLAND DHARMA by Hidden Brook Press publisher Tai Grove)
Middle Break:     Book Signing, Friends meeting and Morley Ellis plays in background
Reading resume:
        Terry Barker
        Jim Larwill/Wilber Walnut skit 
 Closing :  ROUND ROBIN:
                  Everyone present invited to read a poem  
                  or share memory about Milt