About the reward from writing itself

          One cannot be a good writer if he/she doesn’t get any reward from writing itself. In reality, many of us struggle with the meaning of writing.
          One wise man told me: the reward from writing is writing itself. I agree with him. Most of all, I see that writing builds a path to connect an inner world and the universe.
           I started writing in 2004 and was shocked to find I was so lonely and sad. But soon, through writing, I discovered I was still like a girl with a pure and beautiful mind. That was the great reward for me, I started to build confidence and hope again. here is one of my early poem: There Must Been Something. On that journey I have met other lonely souls and watched them give up after struggled with finding the meaning of writing. The second year, a pen friend told me to give up poetry and he saw no hope there. I didn’t. I guess most people admired me for the strength I showed in keeping on writing.  It was not easy. I once was going to give up. But I felt so much pain like losing a baby. A week later, I wrote the poem: Farewell to Sunflowers.  After that, I knew I could not give up…and I never try to quit again…
          What I see now is that writing is a mirror, reflecting both here and there, a journey to myself and to you.  When reality builds walls, writing builds paths.