Poetry Reading in Toronto on July 8

thanks to James Deahl for inviting me to submit my poems to TAMARACKS two years ago and after the book got published in USA, he organized a series poetry readings across Canada….I missed my April reading in Hamilton due to my trip to Washington D.C. Thank him to invite me for the July’s reading in Toronto. Glad to read with James Deahl, Bernadette Gabay, Dyer, Lawrence Hopperton, Luciano Iacobelli, Beth Learn, Michael Mirolla, A. F.Moritz. torontoReading2019


Poetry Night | Readings with Canadian Poets Laureate

photo by Paul Damaso

Thank you all for this special night. It began with Youth Spoken Word Performance and followed by a round robin reading by four poets laureate: Marty Geivais (Windsor), John. B. Lee (Brantford), George Elliott Clarke (National) and Anna Yin (Mississauga). Chaired by Richard Greene.  (Read our featured poets’ biographies)

We thank the Culture Division of Mississauga and the League of Canadian Poets for supports. Read Mississauga News  and respond to us: Does Poetry matter?   read more…


Thank ShiYing for taking wonderful photos.

Here is a link for a part of videos at the event.  See you next time!

Can Poetry Matter? Glad that Mississauga News connected us

2016-08-30 19.57.01Thanks Mississauga News for spreading our stories, I have received many emails since. Thank lovingsister.com news as well.

Can Poetry matter? Once it was a very hot topic in USA raised by Dana Gioia in 1991 and here is a video on April 20, 2016 Dana Gioia on Why Poetry Matters  Dana Gioia, chairperson of the National Endowment for the Arts under President George W. Bush and poet laureate of California, talks about the importance of poetry in the United States.

Now read what our poets say:

Professor at University of Toronto, Richard Greene
I am like a fish asked to discuss water.

Parliamentary Poet Laureate of Canada,  George Elliott Clarke
It is organic, physical, and as instinctive to human beings as is breathing. When I am depressed or when I am gay, I want words to augment my feelings. I want
words that help me cry or make me laugh. So, poetry is irrepressible.

First Poet Laureate of Edmonton, Alberta, Alice Major
Poetry matters because language is our human birthright. We carefully learn its sounds and rhythms as infants, we play with it all the time — and then we forget how to play. But it is the serious playfulness of poems that makes words matter, makes them resonate and stick with us. When we need to say important things, we turn to poetry.

Rebecca Anne Banks: yes, poetry matters. the Prime Minister says so.

Read more… or watch this Random Interview Part One:

And Leonard Cohen’s poem: HAPPENS TO THE HEART