samples for Haiku Walking Tour project

  fountain1Visiting Las Vegas

   -a series of haiku to record my visit from July 5 to July 11, 2015

our cheerful claps
with a few raindrops upon landing
echo Welcome to Las Vegas

hot, hot –
not noticing myself becoming a scene

of thousands of fresh roses
pondering if it’s real
on the desert land

before spinning floral horses
I too dazzled and dizzy

all fame remains framed…
Elvis, we pause
to snapshot elvis-photothis silence

blazing land
vast buildings and artificial arts
why I worry about the rich’s greens?

little to feed you-
tiger slots, eye to eye
we owe each other

no pain, no gain
sighs falling in lucky-penny fountain
I toss away enticing dices

stretching my armsmushroom
to reach mushrooms in the sky…
another angle of this fancy life

breezes blow
fish in expansive air
they too dream paradise

In this heavenly city
from a distance
we worry China’s market plunge











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