Visiting ZenRiver Gardens (Poem & Photos)

I am glad to do a poetry presentation at the PurdyFest event and camped at ZenRiver Gardens. My family enjoyed the visiting and had a good time. I wrote this poem as a tribute to the Host Chris Fairers and other poets…
I also chose some nice photos for ZenRiver Gardens to match the poem in Haiku Seqence.  (I am glad this was accepted to be published in Sep/Oct 2011 Umbrella)

Visiting ZenRiver Gardens

upon a bridge
prayer flags sway
Chris’ smiling waves

by my car
John’s welcome
repels mosquito bite

among fresh trails
Chase tours us
through a flowery bank
on the new-mown field
sparse tents
overlook starry nights
river ripples
Jim’s chants flicker
an oil lamp

under a miner’s light
Hans’ haiku cool
roasted corn


away from cities
silence fills in…
Jason’s soft snoring

dewdrops heavier
rolling to my side
my son soundly sleeps

still in a dream –
the Zen River Garden
in twilight

woodpeckers call
break the morning mist
a bridge to the fore



Comment from Penshell.

This is absolutely gorgeous, Anna. Again, it is like a series of haiku and I think you’ve discovered a form that truly suits your voice. It is subtle and delicate, magical in its own way. Each stanza identifies one of the group members, says something about him or establishes another detail of the setting. While this is strongly linked to personal experience, the situation has been expanded as an invitation to the reader to meet the participants and share in their gathering. So it doesn’t come across as a private, “insider’s moment” type of piece. You don’t shut us out.
I also enjoyed seeing the photos; what a lovely spot (I’m wondering where it is located). And Chase is such a handsome dog!
Loved the part about the haiku cooling corn! I assume this means the time it took for Hans to deliver them allowed for this to happen but it’s unique to think of poetry having this effect.
Really enjoyed reading this.



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