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poetryPost-wholePoetry in Translation /East Meets West

A series of online events focus on poetry and translation by reading and discussing original poems then translations between poets and translator. We will talk about the myth of lost in translation, tackle the art of re-creation and exchange the mutual gain through the process.  The poets are George Elliott Clarke, Molly Peacock, Alice Major and A. F. Moritz, and the translator is Anna Yin

Each session will last 90 minutes and will involve one English-language poet and the Chinese translator to discuss techniques and adaptability required and close-reading poems of different styles and subjects.

These events aim to engage the audience and stimulate wider and stronger interest and conversation for cross-cultural exchange in poetry.

Four sessions are on Friday night 8:00-9:30pm with Zoom meeting:

Zoom Meeting ID: 871 3466 4583
Co-host by The East and West Learning Club

Oct 3, 15:00-16:30 the group session on Zoom -a summary with the above poets and open mic (for the translations of their poems)

(Sureway Cultural Service thank supports from the LCP, the EWLC, and Lakeside (Hu Pan) Academy of Canada.)  poetryPost-whole

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