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《愛的燈塔/Love’s Lighthouse》将在台灣出版

很開心我的雙語詩集《愛的燈塔》将在台灣出版。感謝辛牧(台灣《創世紀詩雜誌》總編輯)、非馬(美國伊利諾州詩人協會前任會長)、曉鳴(北美中西文化交流協會會長)、理查德‧格林(加拿大總督文學獲獎詩人)等共25位中西詩人、名人熱烈推薦! 本書集結我二十年海外生活和旅程的心靈感應與生命體驗,精選六十首中英文詩歌,用夢境和現實來承載,尋找純真的靈魂,生命的摯愛,現實的悲喜以及自然的靜美。內容記載著詩意的瞬間,轉瞬即逝的生活經驗,以及對鄉土的眷戀和歷史的回味,每一段都是心靈之旅,重現時空和自我本真的所在。   So glad that my bilingual poetry collection “Love’s Lighthouse” will be published in  Taiwan in Sept, 2019. There are 60 poems in Chinese and English including my award winning poems that reflecting challenges, insights, loss and hopes of immigrant journey … Continue reading

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several publications from April to July, 2019, Thank all the editors


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Poetry Reading in Toronto on July 8

thanks to James Deahl for inviting me to submit my poems to TAMARACKS two years ago and after the book got published in USA, he organized a series poetry readings across Canada….I missed my April reading in Hamilton due to … Continue reading

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