Zenriver Haiku with Photos(Aug 3, 2013)

storms again
my son regrets our cancelled camp plan
sleeping on his room’s floor
clear sky
music and poetry flow
under the shady elm tree
an old-time song
Henry lets that cute dog
find her voice first
Dee in Marsha’s narrative
alive again
in our sizzling dialog
decades passed…
Who goes first? You! You!
we laugh at David’s story
across the creek,
Dan lifts up his fish
inhaling Ann’s music
a winding trail
before the haunted house
calls from unknown birds
apples picked from deep woods
gift for Terry, sweet or sour
a witch’s wish?
not haiku, but stories
Hans read wisdom from
his five-year old grandson

—Haiku by Anna Yin /Photos taken by ShiYing