Trip to Cuba (A series of poems)

(Sometimes without photos might leave more room for you to create your own pictures. So here I post the poems by themselves)
On the way

no moon
fog’s white tongue out
in the narrow street

filing into
a black shark
we disappear into a dark sea

flight tickets
taxi driver no gain today
a ticket from police

without tears, no boarding
new rules in North Korea
well, to Cuba, sun still shines

Guard your belongings
broadcast repeats
passengers watch each other

In Cuba

**Beach Scene**

swinging on the waves
a sailing boat
and baby seagulls

in and out
Cuban waves
Salsa dance steps

bridesmaids in red
pose for wedding
a boy kicks waves behind

listening into a shell
a passing train
memory of childhood

starfish on beach
gone with white blossom
before my hand reaches

baby seagulls
wave after wave
tiny footprints

riding on a dolphin
roller coaster again
eyes wide-open

empty beach chairs
a volleyball rolls
dark clouds

hand in hand
walking toward the moon
a long shadow

roses in a heart-shape
seagulls fly
white sari in winds

***Free drinks***

Mojito, beloved rum
bites Canadians

Cuban sunlight

blue waves
from the Piano Bar
Sex on the Beach

crimson sinking
into the crystal container
sunset blends

in my mandarin
a waiter pours
the music of tips

**trip to Havana**

cramped in a van
trip to Havana
the horizon wiggles

baby shoes, fur hat
an old lady bargains
for a wooden car

shells in hand
fishmen wait by the shore
winds of the free market

swarming like bees
fleamarket outside
in a sudden shower

*Hemingway’s Havana

his smiles are hanging
his signature is framed
gun shop next block