Somewhere down the Zen River by Patrick Connors

Somewhere down the Zen River

With a Literary Allusion to Leonard Cohen
by Pat Connors

Current runs smoothly
all stands still for a moment
the eternal now

On Simcoe day weekend
friends come together
between Marmora and Madoc

the beauty of sharing meals
poetry and music
this blessed moment

If only I could get my mind
to not plan the next move
worrying about when I have to leave

in spite of this I learn something
about Dorothy Livesay, Chris Faiers,
and even myself

about wonderful friends
existing and newly made
their love and generousity

to relax and be myself
in whatever time
the good Lord grants me

for Jesus is my Saviour
in this world and the next
and I want to travel blind

and I know that I can trust Him
because I have seen Zen River
and I know I will see it again

The weekend goes on without me
back in Don Mills trying to type
record and categorize

But I am changed forever
because I know I will see Zen River again