Read haiku by participants at Mississauga’s Haiku workshop


works from work-suggestionsparticipants at Haiku Workshop







suggestions for editing. We also had a great discussion upon some haiku above…

 The following are works by participants:

 Works by Jenny Chen:

tip of my tongue
little droplets
in the air

bitterness, solitude
twinkling on my skin

sprouting up
to my knees
to the trees

little one
one amongst
the crowd

work by Ryan Gibbs:

autumn wind bends
cranberry twigs
hanging water drops

work by Zain:

glistening cranberries
in prime
unpicked and forgotten


works by Ireme

he loves me
he loves me not
oh, rats!

autumn already?
lonely cranberries
morning dew

oh my computer
virus galore
childhood…not the same

works by Ishrat

reflection of light
on dew
antumn cranberries

the white landscape
moving with me

works by Elizabeth

summer red berry
hold the light

spreading petals
ready to break anchor
and fly

works by Surjeet

leafless tree
still holds the fruit
among late winds

soft petals
the expression
of a baby’s smile

the white landscape
moving with me
gathering memories

works by Susan

the white landscape
moving with me
a full moon

standing in shade
between you and me
a long history

on my computer
my son’s homework done
childhood… not the same


Works by Lynn

toboggan races downhill
the white landscape
moving with me
on the computer
playing games
childhood not the same
standing in shade
tall trees sway
between you and me
cranberry in rain
soon to fall
a twig remains
flower opens
a pink sun
rooting in earth
fish out of water
ants line up
picnic lunch

Works by Vino

Fireflies flutter
The night stage
in harmony with stars

Bitter red
with taste

 Works by Josh (young boy)

gentle summer breeze
blowing up sand
a camel walks by

little pink flower
in green grass
a butterfly lands

works by Caryl

gathering warmth from the sun
he loves me not

standing in shade
shadows gather
between you and me

and one from volunteer:

i am a volunteer
helping with this great workshop
sadly but for once

works from Terry Barker

the white landscape
moving in my mind
train stopped


standing in shade
the horse rests
i wish i could
between you and me
a vast gulf
let’s bridge it

spreading its wings
fly away