Poem for Earth Market and glad to celebrate with many local teams

earthMarketReading1 Birds’ Songs       @2016/11/05

My ancestors once told me
there is a Life Tree in the East
where birds ceaselessly sing.

I’ve long forgotten it
or lost faith in it.
earthMarketReading3Sitting beside my screen,
to forge a bird’s song,
a button is what I click.
Yet the humming from this magic
fails to bring the story back.

This morning, into the Red Trail
which Native People once traversed,
env1I pause at birds’ signs and tiny feeders.
Colorful and beautiful in still poses,
each teaches me a name:
American Goldfinch,
Rose-breasted Grosbeak,
Blue Jay, Cardinal,
Scarlet Tanager, Red-tailed Thrush,
and Yellow Warbler…

env2“Morning, little birds”
I call out,
my eyes searching into the deep.
Among lush leaves,
I cannot trace their flight.
But I hear
song after song,
env3full of joy,
full of freedom,
burst from them
burst from myself.

“Morning, little birds”…
a whole world of wonders
we sing to each other.

(Thanks to the Earth Market Mississauga team and sponsors)