Photos from Leonard Cohen’s exhibition and my poems for Mr. Cohen

Found Poems (2023/2/12)
–thanks to Leonard Cohen
so long, Marianne
in February sunset
Cohen dances to the end
take this waltz
everyone knows
first we take Manhattan
the slow thaw
Lake Ontario echoes
a thousand kisses deep
closing time
tower of song
happens to the heart
birds on the wire
waiting for the miracle
coming back to you
here it is
the presence of you
alive in the air

Listening to Leonard Cohen

In some summer nights
I listen to your low soothing voice
as if a secret river whispers and confides.
There are charming currents and surprising turns
as honey sunlight pours through ragged seaweed—
the blind journey led by Suzanne, then hearts broken,
now all I see golden and purple blowing in the wind…

In such lonely longing nights
I play familiar songs for myself—
a girl from China not named the same.
I would make your tea perfectly sweet and bright;
I would show you where sunflowers grow high—
even if my heart too would be broken.
But the morning dewdrops roll down before my touch,
now I count how many roses closed in a void…

In some summer nights
I listen to your meandering river whispering…
In some summer nights
I seek the stars in the distance emerging…