Photos for 2014 MARTY awards

Thanks ShiYing for those wonderful photos. Thanks Mississauga Arts Council and all sponsors! Great to meet many talented artists.

Here is my speech clip at the Award Night.

For winners and details

  • Creative Community: Frog in Hand
  • Hazel McCallion Volunteer of the Year: Arlene Paculan
  • Laurie Pallett Patron of the Arts: Eleanor Calbes
  • People’s Choice: Monster Rock Orchestra

Literary Arts: 

  • Emerging: Larissa Fleurette Ho
  • Established: Anna Yin

Visual Arts: 

  • Emerging: Amanda Baron
  • Established: Irene Monique Salehi

Media Arts 

  • Emerging: Nick Name
  • Established: Michael Kennedy

Performing Arts Group 

  • Emerging: Ballroom Babies
  • Established:Clarkson Music Theatre

Performing Arts 

  • Emerging: Frank Anthony
  • Established: Carol McCartney