Photos for 2013 Aug 31 Anna Yin’s Poetry Alive Education program

Around 20 people came to my Poetry Alive Education Programat Churchill Meadows Library on Aug 31, 2013.We had a wonderful time together and a dynamic discussion. More photos will be posted later. Thank the Mississauga News and SNAP Newspaper for reporting this event: Anna Yin, the Ontario Representative for the League of Canadian poets, recently hosted the Anna Yin Poetry Alive Education Program at Churchill Meadows Library. The event was attended by both children and adults. In the first part of the session, Anna shared some of her own work as well as her journey of becoming a poet. In the second part, she showed that anyone can write poetry by discussing techniques for writing concrete poetry, free verse, haikus and sonnets. Everyone had a chance to get involved as the floor was constantly open for discussion. It was interesting to see the many different ways of looking at a poem!

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