Magic Jar (Haiku for Animal/global warming)

on open water  
          two mute swans preen  
                      a flat moon

seven grey geese
                                  cross the Great Lakes
                                        bristling reeds stand tall

          clouds gathering
a rattlesnake slithers
        beneath an owl’s gaze

 a thrush’s twilight song
        bursts through the woods
                         fog lifts
birds fly out  
         saws tear and axes hack
                              aged oaks fall

 drought over the land
             lions flee from raging fires?
                          startled dust
                                                a shallow river
                                     salmon swollen for weeks–
                                                no rain yet
                  Passenger Pigeons
once darkened the clear sky-
                 now, coo no more

           cracking sounds
from glaciers on the Rocky Mountains
                           black ravens circle