Jim’s report for Purdyfest #5

“Mellow is good!” was my slogan for this year, and….

Mellow was very good!!!!!!

Well I do seem to be able to pick the vibe for each year and call it.

Thank you so much for all that you do.  From caulking the Shaman shack
to mowing campsites others enjoy so much.  Thank you for all of your
vision and hard work.  New trees planted and growing, the roots creep
deeper, each cycle a little closer to transcendent clouds.

This was a year of renewal and rebirth.  Next year is a new Purdyfest.
Maybe it is just my old Shamanistic Stalinism but in organizations I see
things in five-year stages and cycles.  In some ways the Purdyfest we
knew is dead.  Long live the new Purdyfest!  The cycle started 5 years
ago is completed and its success has fed its bounty and bore its fruit.
Its flesh was full and ripe in year four.  Year five a solid core
arrived and a seed to be planted anew revealed itself.

Children appearing this year were a good sign.

I can’t help feel the people who showed up this year are a fresh solid
core to build anew upon and consolidation of that potential is
paramount.  Our role becomes to facilitate them in organizing their
Purdyfest.  In five years you should be retired from your role of
organizer.  Six years from now your only responsibility should be to
show up and from time to time break out into uncontrollable laughter.

Well I am back at the Raven’s Nest playing with utopian visions of the
future after overwhelming rivers of nostalgia washed over my shoulders
for the five days I camped, enjoyed poetry, papers, presentations,
music, evening fires, flicking rituals, starry nights, shared meals and
endless laughter and camaraderie.  It is as simple as this.  All those
who showed up this year and participated, come again next year and do

When you, I, and Simon stopped in the Crow River to meditate Simon’s
off-cuff remark was he wanted to capture feminine energy.  (No comment.)
Instead as we meditated birds and butterflies circled around him.  And
then that mysterious golden fish came and nibbled with a poke the top of
my foot.  As someone who has spent far too much of his life trying to
capture feminine energy all I can say to Simon is good luck with that
one.  But; my gut feel this year is Purdyfest needs to shift towards
being more centered by female energy.

Maybe I will leave it at that for now.

Wolf-fest here at the Raven’s Nest is coming up the Labour Day long
weekend so I guess I need to get the camping spots, stone barbeque,
garlic pork roasts, beer, and Frisbee golf course in order.  (And who
knows maybe we will even finally get around to doing some poetry this
year.)  So any Purdyfesters who are interested can contact me at
[email protected]

Well my twin brother Shaman and old comrade…  Well done!!  As always
this was another Purdy fest success this year due to your hard work and
organization skills. 

Feel free to post this on your blog as an initial hint to others to come
and make Purdy fest part of their annual mid-summer ritual, relaxation,
and responsibility.

A few reflections from shadows on water…

The Raven King….aka  Jim Larwill