Happy Valentine’s Day, Tesla

By now the cherry red Tesla is roaming alone tesla
in the vast unknown world above,
carrying on her mission, 
sending mixtures of music and messages,
waiting for a reply.

On our blue earth, schools
full of earnest young children
with sweet candy
and heart-shaped cards
celebrate once again Valentine’s Day.

Soon they will learn Spacetime
and encounter broken promises and love’s blues:
those turning pages will lead them to grow up,
so they will look beyond the black holes,
longing for the other of us
and searching for meanings in their lives.

Thinking of them, I picture the cool Tesla
and how each of us floats somewhere unknowingly,
up high and lonely…

Tesla, Don’t Panic! Hold on to hope-
wait… wait for us.
No matter the thousands of moons,
millions of blooms and blows,
we will be there, united with you!
And You, Tesla will wait and listen,
for our beating hearts to arrive.

@2018/02/14 Anna Yin