Haiku Walking Tour at Bradley Musuem on March 20, 2016

had fun at today’s Haiku Walking Tour at Bradley Musuem… here are haiku from me and visitors…

no snow falls today haiku2
maple syrup drips
fingers sticky
(Melanie Maddiy)

first snow
so much fun
in the cold white blanket
-David age 11

in this morning sun
flowers smell
with fresh air of early spring
(Jana age 12)

snow brings fun
next thing you knowhaiku1
(jana age 12)

dad says lets go
we file into a car
through sap filled trees and cold
(emmy )

days growing long
buds erupt
spring is here
-Peter Schwankehaiku4

sun shining on snow
melting slowly
ground becomes soft
–Julia Knott

and Haiku by Anna Yin

light casts my shadow
suddenly knowhaiku3
so much unlike me


among paper shadowshaiku6
we try to find


across the ocean
her shoes shine history
upon this broken flag


winter sun
the painted chair at the deck
seems warm until i touch

following the path
into rooms of stories saved
we become a part of them

march break
music flows ceaselessly
from this spring singer