Haiku & Photos for my trip to Punta Cana

news from Toronto
too much ice this time
Bloody Mary tastes differently

balloon popping contest
all my darts go wrong
this hot wind

wave upon wave
counting how many days gone
blue Caribbean sky blurs

birdviewing at “See and Sea”
comes and goes
this tropical rain

raindrops on banana leaves
Pacific winds
where is home?

pretty women free drinks
foreign accents heavier
lost in paradise

rough waves
finding sands in the bed
20th anniversary

foam party
bikinis jump in
his glasses drop

sparkler flashing
piano accompanies a coming cake
my birthday boy blushes

[nggallery id=28]

out of power
a house of wives gossipy
empty bottles

cards in hands
carols in the air
eight pairs of eyes easing up

last day on the beach
walking alone
palm trees still