Purple and Gold (In memory of P.K. Page)

P.K.Page's photo by Fred Lum (The Globe & Mail. )

You life is a purple pearl
sent from the old Kingdoms
to the long West Coast.
Your childhood rides on horseback
with iris, bluebells and lavender
all violet in the purple clouds.

Your married life, a lucky star,
glides from one destination to another.
The exotic winds mix
your nostalgia and talents,
open a world of wonders.

But what do I know?
How does
Black and white at midnight glow
This garden of barbed wire and roses
What is the life in a shell?
What kind of waves are calling?

Yet I do know-
your poetry is the gold
beyond time and space.
It speaks of the color of harvest,
and the weight of life
where you see two divine moons,
and the love of Planet Earth.

Extracting from streams of life,
refining through fire of passions,
you crown us with the power
and the beauty of words
where our third eye sees:
gold shining from the underground,
roses rising from purple dreams.
Under The Sky Tree,
you find the way home.

from “Inhaling the Silence” (Mosaic Press 2013)