Festive Appreciation: Online Spontaneous Poetry

To thank friends and book lovers who support Mirrors and Windows, Anna Yin will be happy to offer writing spontaneous poems upon booked online meetings from Dec 1 to Feb 12.


• Six books to choose:

1. Free for anyone who have purchased three or more copies of any books by Anna Yin.

2. $20 for Anna Yin’s spontaneous poetry online appointment only.

3. $60 for a package of two titles by Anna Yin and a spontaneous poetry online appointment. (including Canada and USA shipping fee )

• spontaneous poetry online meeting

Upon agreed date/time, Anna will meet you online and talk with you for 15 minutes, then she will write a poem for you or the one you wish. It usually takes another 15 minutes to write. She will show it and read it to you. Then she will email you a final copy.

The following are some samples to share with permissions.