Feedback for Anna Yin’s haiku workshops

I thoroughly enjoyed attending Anna Yin’s workshop on writing Haiku. She provided a welcoming atmosphere that brought participants of varying skill sets together harmoniously. As an educator, I was impressed by the collaborative approach she utilized. She effectively bridged workshop materials with participants’ Haiku submissions to enhance the learning experience. Her expertise in writing and editing Haiku was clearly evident. Her passion and enthusiasm in sharing her gift is commendable. 
-Lisa Reynolds

I am grateful for the opportunity to attend Anna Yin’s haiku writing workshops. Her passion for poetry is infectious and she works tirelessly in promoting this art form in the City of Mississauga. She’s very generous in sharing her expertise with others. In the short period that I worked with her as a mentor, I’ve learned so much and am looking forward to more. — Maria LaGarde, Mississauga

This is the second time I’ve attended one of Anna Yin’s workshops and each time I learned a great deal about modern English haiku. For someone just beginning to explore the genre, I found her instruction to be invaluable. In this session we were challenged to explore each other’s work, to discover what worked, what didn’t and why. I feel this deeper understanding will aid me immensely in strengthening my own haiku. —— Sally Quon

Thank you for an insightful and enjoyable workshop.It was a very friendly and interactive one where we all shared our views on the submitted poems. It enhanced our learning and stirred our thought process immensely. I believe this will help us improve our haiku poems in future. Wishing the team success for the wonderful project on haiku writing. —Tasneem Hossain

I had the joy of participating in Anna Yin’s haiku workshop twice. Both times it was great. She offered detailed feedback on participants’ haiku and gave good information on what a haiku is. Furthermore, she explained the different methods for writing haiku and gave tips on haiku book and websites. I learned a lot. I can recommend taking part in her workshops. —-Nuri Rosegg, Norway

Anna was kind and helpful in her Haiku critiques — and quite funny. She made sure that everyone who wanted to got to read, ask questions, and comment on other poet’s work. – Carolyn Clink, Mississauga