Some eating places near UTM during 2017 Haiku Canada Conference

Since it is long weekend, the food court at the campus will be closed for holiday.

There are vending machines for snacks and drinks on the ground floor of Oscar Peterson Hall.  There are also vending machines on the 2nd floor of the Instructional Centre.  Additionally, there are vending machines in the Davis Building, including instant coffee in the meeting place.  The machines take cash only; however, there is a change machine in Davis. 

Note: Saturday Morning  8:30 am  (May 20, 2017)
Regular Coffee (10 cups), tea (10 cups), Decaffeinated Coffee (10 cups) and Ice Water Dispenser (serves 50) ­will be ordered by Haiku Canada.

Saturday lunch for group ordering (if you wish) will be signed on Friday night (May 19). (We will order pizza pizza)

Other meals’ options are referring to the following:

The closest place you can eat by walking distance is The Glenerin Inn, 10 minutes walking. They have a morning coffee open everyday, staring 7:00 am, breakfast starting 8:00am Phone(905) 828-6103

Many eating places with variou choices at Golden Square Plaza:  1177 Central Pkwy W or nearby, also with grocery stores to buy food etc.    (4 minutes driving distance)

Taxi:         MISSISSAUGA TAXI 905.277.777
                All Star Taxi Service.  (905) 602-0000

note: some places delivery over $30 before tax; or I can help to do group order through Food Hwy 647-785-1266 to deliver (they charge for first 5km: 5$, additional 1 $ per km, 11:00am to 10:00pm)

The OWL of Minerva (Korean & Japanese Res) 905-273-7275  24 hours / take out
1177 Central Pkwy W Unit 23A, Mississauga,

Xin Restaurant (鼎鼎香)  Phone: (905) 896-2088


printed menu available from me
1177 Central Pkwy W Unit 6, Mississauga,

Sushi Tei (@4040 Creditview Rd #1, Mississauga) Tel: (905) 306 – 9060
(4 minutes driving distance), take out, no delivery

Noodle Wok, 905-8968915 (11am-11pm)
(7 minutes driving distance)  order/ no delivery
600 Brunhamthorpe Rd West

Emerald Chinese Restaurant:  1-30 Eglinton Ave.W.,Mississauga,  
(13 minutes driving distance / order/ take out

Tim Hortons First Pro Erindale Centre, 1170 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga

Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill 1170 Burnhamthorpe Rd W, Mississauga (905) 270-1229

Bashu Sichuan Cuisine  4559 Hurontario St Unit#A-7A
Phone: (905) 568-9988   15 minutes driving
Alioli Ristorante:350 Burnhamthorpe Rd W  905-281-1122
( 8 minutes driving)          

The Wilcox Gastropub: 30 Eglinton Ave W
14  minutes driving