Comments and discussions about The Moon Room

Hi Bernie, Fred, Cass and Lois,

Thank you all for sharing your profound insight. For this poem, I wrote it as it came to me. Then I read it a lot and thought of all your questions and suggestions.

Now I understand more why I wrote like this and would like to explain… Of course when I started to write, I had some ideas and reasons…. But only after reading it through, I was convinced that I must follow my intuition. This poem was drawn more from my Chinese tradition than I realized.  It is about our life journey and relationships.

First 77th floor… yes, high and surreal…  77 in Chinese traditional culture implies a bridge formed in the Milky Way every year only at a specific day when two lovers will get together. (so the whole scene could be dream or real…I leave this to the reader)

 about the stones, why a room full of stones? 

Life is a kind of journey, or a river.  Stones here imply difficulty, some being smoothed… other not…

It is an ongoing process… yet, each stone has its own story.

Green tea implies peace and harmony… The room (A boat in a harbor) …is it what the mind is searching for?

Truly in this busy life, all of us want to slow down and sip our moment and enjoy life. Although these moments are short or rare, we always remember them and these experiences lift us up.